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Wroclaw Fountain

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The Wrocław Fountain or Wrocław Multimedia Fountain (Polish: Wrocławska Fontanna) is a multimedia fountain located within in the Pergola next to Centennial Hall in Wrocław. The one-hectare fountain incorporates about 300 jets to create a screen of water for animation display. There are also 800 lights. When frozen in winter, the fountain is a 4700-square-meter ice skating rink.

On June 4th 2009, in honour of the 20th anniversary of the first free elections in post-war Poland, Wrocław showed off one of the most stunning attractions in the country - a whiz-bang multimedia fountain of which only a few exist in the world. Wrocław's new toy projects water up to 40 metres high through an array of 300 different nozzles which have the ability to rotate, gyrate, pulse and even create a 700 square metre screen of water on which animated projections can be displayed; all the while music orchestrates the show through the park's speakers. Equipped with 800 lights of varying size and power, the Wrocław Fountain even has pyrotechnic capabilities with fireworks and lasers implausibly shooting out of the large semicircle basin next to Hala Ludowa. The result is one of the most dazzling, delightful displays of light, sound and water you'll ever see, and has been immensely popular since it began exhibiting its talents this summer with crowds of over 20,000 coming out in its early weeks for the regular evening extravaganzas.

Nothing puts a stamp on the end of communism like indulging in some outrageously expensive gadgetry; indeed, the cost of running this show on a regular basis must be enormous, but you can see it for free in the spring and summer. Performances vary from 3.5 to 18 minutes with a short or long programme of classical music (Wagner, Beethoven) on some hours, and modern music (Apocalyptica, Faith No More) on the others. The real stunners however are after dark on Friday and Saturday, when the full functionality of the fountain is on display, including lights. For more programme specifics, visit the official website.

“The Wrocław Fountain at Pergola” offers a multimedia spectacle affecting several senses. Water jets 40 meters up creating a screen of seven hundred square meters, on which colored animations are displayed, accompanied by music and natural sounds of splash and patter.
The Wrocław multimedia fountain is one of only several similar objects in the world. In the one hectare basin are installed almost 300 nozzles of different types: geysers, foggy, pointed, palm and also three fire nozzles. There are as well lasers and music. Almost 800 small and big sources of light are placed in the basin.

Additional attraction is the winter function of the fountain. In can be turned into a 4700 square meter big ice rink.

Till the end of October you may admire the fountain everyday between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. After 8 p.m. water fantasies are accompanied with magnificent illumination.

At each full hour the fountain displays a dynamic show, using almost all nozzles and geysers creating unique impression: at even hours – fifteen minute long set to classical or modern music rhythms; at odd hours – three minute long set Richard Wagner and Vanessa May music; at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m a special quarter of an hour long show is given, employing almost full fountain potential.

Fountain of Technology is one of several such projects in the world. The fountain basin with an area of 1 ha was placed nearly 300 different types of water jets (geysers, jets foaming, dynamic, hazing, point, palm, water) and 3 nozzles fire. The spectacle of water and fire enrich images cast by a projector onto the screen water, as well as laser lights and sounds of music. Fountain illuminated by nearly 800 large and small points of light located in the basin. An additional attraction is a winter feature fountains, during which it can turn into a skating rink with an area of approximately 4,700 m2.

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