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The Super Bowl momentum starts building in the Travel Industry


America stops for one night
On one night in the year, America seems to grind to a halt, and the streets are deserted. For non-Americans, the reason that happens may take a few seconds thought, or even a blank expression, as it is the Super Bowl, the annual final, and American football mega-fest. Everything about this event oozes razzamatazz, even the commercials (which are usually the most expensive bookings in American TV advertising), provoke much discussion and national attention.
Even watching the event on TV is something of a ritual. Families and friends gather over enormous amounts of nacho's, salsa and potato chips and of course, phenomenal quantities of beer !. Every play is hotly debated.
Turkish Airlines does some original thinking
It is not therefore totally surprising that Turkish Airlines has now decided to get in on the act, in a very novel way. All travelers on Turkish Airlines flights (with an internet connection) on that Sunday (5th February) will be able to watch the Super Bowl live. The event is, not unsurprisingly, being marketed as 'The Super Bowl at 30,000 feet'. So anybody thinking about traveling that day, who needs their Super Bowl 'fix' knows that flying Turkish will meet their needs (let's hope they serve nacho's !).
Meanwhile, back on the ground, the city of Houston is preparing for a weekend that it surely will never forget as it is about to host Super Bowl LI. It is expected that 1 million football fans will converge on the Texan city. Certainly, it will be a bumper time for bar owners and food vendors, but the biggest winners will be the local hotel industry.
Super Bowl is a massive money spinner for the host city
Previous hosts of the Super Bowl have recorded huge revenue growth: New York, in 2014, was up 115%, Indianapolis, in 2012, a colossal 1082%.The last time Houston hosted the event (in 2004) Hotel revenues zoomed 384%.
This year projections seem to indicate up to 350% growth. The host is going out of its way to be welcoming; the city's Discovery Green and Avenida Houston will be hosting a nine-day Super Bowl concert event, and the bonus is that the concerts are free.
All in all, on land and the air the travel industry is going out of its way to make Super Bowl LI  a truly special weekend. One would hazard a guess that cruise liners will be covering the sea angle by hosting events in their ballrooms !.
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