10 of the cheapest holiday destinations in the world

The following destinations may cost just a little more than a dollar a day – but you’ll definitely be able to make your money go far in these great value spots.

1. Cambodia

With beds for $2 and lip-smacking food for less, Cambodia is so cheap you often feel guilty for paying so little. Smiling faces greet you at every turn of this diverse and dramatic country. The jewel in the crown, and one of the most amazing historical sites in the world, Angkor Wat, is found here too. Spiritual, sublime and yours $5 a day…or less! Get flights to Phnom Penh

2. Vietnam

Unspoilt and undeveloped, Vietnam is super cheap and simply beautiful. You can easily get by on $8 a day, which includes a guest house, local food, transport and a bit of drinking. Just imagine the lifestyle you could have if you stretched to $16! Get flights to Hanoi

3. India

Get ready for a sensory explosion in colourful, crazy India. From chaotic Delhi and gaudy Mumbai, to tranquil Kerala and spiritual Mysore; pink cities, grand palaces, elephants and rickshaws are just a handful of mind boggling sights you’ll see in India. Even if you go for all out luxury, you’ll be hard pressed to spend a lot of money here. For $30 a day, you can live like royalty. Get flights to Delhi

4. Bolivia

In the heart of La Paz’s historic quarter, Calle Jaén, you’ll find one of the best preserved colonial streets in the whole of Bolivia. It definitely has style but it also has four municipal museums. See them all for the grand total of 55 cents. As if that weren’t enough, Bolivia is perhaps the best value for food and drink in all of South America, thanks to a bottle of Paceña beer costing less than $1 and a bowl of chairo (potato soup) about the same. Get flights to La Paz

5. Hungary

Historical Hungary nestles along the formidable Danube River, and is a definite must see. The elegant grandeur of the capital, Budapest, is a stunning example of old Europe with more than a hint of Ottoman Empire. Sink into sublime cakes, strong liquor and some of the most amazing thermal spas in the world. With meals for $5, train tickets for $4 and rooms for $20, this is a beautiful bargain the in heart of ancient Europe. Get flights to Budapest

6. Central America

Pristine Nicaragua and Honduras may look like celebrity destinations but they are actually incredibly cheap. Few tourists, sparkling waters and pristine beaches can all be yours. Soak up the stunning white beaches and out of this world diving in Honduras while spending less than $30 a day. Forget your money worries and have another cocktail! Get flights to Tegucigalpa

7. Bulgaria

Eastern Europe is a bargain compared to its western neighbours. The further east you go, the cheaper it gets. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria offers hearty food, warm company, robust drink and a comfy bed, which can all be yours for just$30 a day. Forget Paris crowds and mobbed London streets; sample a slice of Europe without breaking the bank. Get flights to Sofia

8. Sri Lanka

With gossamer fine sands, cloud-wrapped mountains, waterfalls, tea plantations and palm trees wafting in the breeze, Sri Lanka is the picture perfect paradise. Feast on delicately spiced cuisine while exploring a land of ancient kingdoms and deep spirituality. What will relax you even more is knowing you can live like a king on under $50 a day. Get flights to Colombo

9. Argentina

Amazing Argentina is land of fiery tango, feisty football, food and awesome landscapes. Tuck in to mammoth meaty steaks washed down with big bold reds, or live the high life in spirited Buenos Aires, one of the most flamboyant and colourful cities on earth. The life can be yours for less than$40 a day. Find flights to Buenos Aires

10. Greece

Due to a recent economic crisis, Greece is cheaper than it used to be. Grab a bed for a tenner and a meal for $10 among the olive groves under bright blue skies. Tour beautiful Greek islands like Paxos and bask on the beaches while eating mouth-watering food at a fraction of the price of other European countries. Greece is, quite possibly, the most underrated budget destination in Europe. Get flights to Athens

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