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The U.S.A and U.K. ‘Laptop Ban’.How will it affect you ?.

INTRODUCTION You will probably have seen by now, that there is to be a so-called ‘laptop-ban’ on certain flights to the States. We thought we would do a little research and dig out the key facts, to see if this situation affects travelers generally. First of all, it’s not a ‘laptop ban’ at all.The ban applies […]

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Turkish Airlines just keeps on growing

MORE COUNTRIES AND MORE DESTINATIONS It seems that not a day goes by when Turkish Airlines announces something new. Today is no exception, with Turkish announcing a new route; to its 120th country and 296th destination. It’s not a route that immediately comes to mind (it is Conakry, the capital of the West African state […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Using Electronic Cigarettes on Board

E-cigarette ads promise the freedom to enjoy smoking virtually anywhere … on a plane … during 9-, 12-, 14-hour flight … even TSA allows a vapor in the carry- on (as long as you follow certain recommendations) … and rumor has it carriers even sell them on board … like no more shaky feet 3 […]

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How To Be More Comfortable On A Plane

Being on a plane isn’t the most comfortable experience but here are some tips to help alleviate the too little leg room, the awkward middle seat and dehydration.

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Airport Gyms: Stay Fit While Traveling

As summer travel hits it’s high point, more and more passengers are looking to work up a sweat while waiting for their next flight. Airports all over the world have taken notice and are offering fitness experiences on all levels.

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Plane Tickets: How To Get The Most For Your Money

We all want the best price for the ever-climbing airfare. Here at Payless Flights, we love to travel, here are some tips we’ve found out along the way.

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The Inside Scoop To Airline Penalties and How You Can Avoid Them

We’ve all been there where you realize last minute that you booked your flight to leave on Saturday and all of your friends are leaving on Thursday. You call the airline to change it and you’re faced with a steep penalty fee. Unfortunately there’s no sure fire way to completely avoid fees, those fees are […]

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Did You Know: Air Travel Edition

With summer in full swing, travel is becoming more commonplace. While traveling this summer, here are a few interesting facts to help you understand the travel industry a little better. For those of you who use air travel a lot know that the price of the tickets may vary depending on dates and seasons. Most people travel […]

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GPS devices allowed on flights?

I have always wondered, can I turn on my GPS while flying on a commercial airplane? I just want to know how fast the plane is going and what city I am flying above. Of course, I will turn it off when taking off or landing. Of the 10 airlines who responded to my query, […]

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