Did You Know: Air Travel Edition

With summer in full swing, travel is becoming more commonplace. While traveling this summer, here are a few interesting facts to help you understand the travel industry a little better.

  • For those of you who use air travel a lot know that the price of the tickets may vary depending on dates and seasons. Most people travel on the weekends to visit family or for short vacations. It’s the same thing with holidays; therefore, prices are more expensive than usual. Here are some tips to help you get the best deal: the best days to make your reservation is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A lot of people buy on Mondays and Fridays which means the heavy traffic causes the prices to go up. Also, do your research and try to book as early as possible. Click here for Payless Flights’ Current Travel Specials.


  • You might think that location of your seat at the airplane is not important but that’s not always the case. When the plane takes off and lands; the amplitude pressure is felt the most in the front and the back of the plane. If you have stomach problems avoid seats in the middle column. Also, for those with ear pain on longer flights, look into investing in pressure reducing earplugs for a less uncomfortable flight.


  • Most air companies don’t have enough time to clean the plane after every flight. On a majority of the flights they only have time to collect the garbage. Advice from Payless Flights: Always have wet wipes with you so that you can clean the area around you, especially your tray table. It makes for a safer and cleaner flight. International flights are no exception as you’re in the same area for upwards of 12 hours.


  • In some airplanes the number 13 is not used. Some passengers are superstitious so the airline companies plan accordingly and skips the row altogether. Next time you’re on a flight, be sure to check if there is a Row 13 at all!


  • Another interesting fact is that pilots don’t eat the same food as the passengers. There are usually two pilots in the plane and if one of them gets sick from the food; the other pilot would have to pilot and co-pilot the plane. Instead, the pilots bring their own meals or have a special meal prepared for them. In some cases, like shorter flights, the pilots don’t eat at all until they are grounded. Hence why we see them in the snack line before our flights.
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