You can not afford being late for a flight

I always advice passengers to be at least 2.3h before the flight at the ticket counter. If you are late airline can even refuse you boarding. Lufthansa’s email note today came to show how right I was:
Notice Overbooking of Flights – Airline flights may be overbooked, and there is a slight chance that a seat will not be available on a flight for which a person has a confirmed reservation. If the flight is overbooked, no one will be denied a seat until airline personnel first ask for volunteers willing to give up their reservation in exchange for compensation of the airline’s choosing. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline will deny boarding to other persons in accordance with its particular boarding priority. With few exceptions, including failure to comply with the carrier’s check-in deadline, which are available upon request from the air carrier, persons denied boarding involuntarily are entitled to compensation. The complete rules for the payment of compensation and each airline’s boarding priorities are available at all airport ticket counters and boarding locations.

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