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Fly in style with V Australia

Ever noticed that air travel has become some what dull and boring in recent years. Well, Sir Richard Branson certainly has and this is why his newest airline is  customer orientated. We are talking about V Australia. The new Virgin member has a short history but is already making a very good impression to passengers […]

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Why in-flight meals are tasteless – science has an answer

Many generations of travelers have been tortured with the plain and rather tasteless meals served on-board many airlines. Notice that you`re food doesn`t got any taste? Well science has the answer for this modern day phenomenon. According to latest research results it`s not the food that`s tasteless… it`s you. According to scientist, people can loose partially their sense of taste when listening to the so called “white noise” inside the airplane`s fuselage and this explains why people eating in the air use far more salt, sugar and other spices in the air, than on the ground.

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Virgin Galactic` s SpaceShipTwo completes maiden manned test

Sir Richard Branson dream of taking people on the edge of space and than flying them back safely on the ground made another step towards reality. After months of preparing, on Sunday, the vehicle SpaceShipTwo made its maiden manned flight. The craft called Enterprise, was launched from a mothership at almost 45 000 feet above the ground. Several minutes later, Enterprise landed safely at the Mojave Air and Space Port.

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The Concorde is the only Supersonic airplane to successfully make commercial flights. Supersonic means that the concord flies faster than the speed of sound. If someone blasted music toward a certain point,  the Concorde would rich that point before the music was heard! You could fly from New York to London in less than 3 […]

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