Virgin Galactic` s SpaceShipTwo completes maiden manned test

Sir Richard Branson dream of taking people on the edge of space and than flying them back safely on the ground made another step towards reality. After months of preparing, on Sunday, the vehicle SpaceShipTwo made its maiden manned flight. The craft called Enterprise, was launched from a mothership at almost 45 000 feet above the ground. Several minutes later, Enterprise landed safely at the Mojave Air and Space Port.
There were several goals for this flight and they were all achieved. Those included a release from the mothership airplane and a flight back to base. This gave Virgin Galactic tones of valuable information to look in to.
The bold project has attracted more than 370 enthusiasts who have prepaid their trip to the starts which in numbers is about $ 50 million. All flights with Virgin Galactic will depart from New Mexico`s Spaceport America, which will have its runway presented for the first time on October 22.
According to Pete Siebold the brave test pilot, who first tool the controls of the Enterprise, the craft is a real joy to fly. His opinion is that the ship is able to go to speeds that reach Mach 3.5 and is capable of going to space. Not only that but Siebold reckons that this will be the world`s highest altitude glider.

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