Why in-flight meals are tasteless – science has an answer

Many generations of travelers have been tortured with the plain and rather tasteless meals served on-board many airlines. Notice that you`re food doesn`t got any taste? Well science has the answer for this modern day phenomenon. According to latest research results it`s not the food that`s tasteless… it`s you. According to scientist, people can loose partially their sense of taste when listening to the so called “white noise” inside the airplane`s fuselage and this explains why people eating in the air use far more salt, sugar and other spices in the air, than on the ground.
This study comes in support of a well known theory that sound can actually change people`s perceptions. Part of the experiment was a special dish made from the famous Chef Heston Blumenthal. It was served to people who were listening to different sounds while dining. According to Ellen Poliakoff of Manchester University, the study gave very interesting results. Certain sounds affect the perception of taste and some of them can alter our comprehension for sweet and salty. Not only that, but noise can affect the perception of the food`s freshness and palatability.
The white noise that can be heard onboard every plane can actually distract our sense of taste and this might be the answer to the mystery why plane food is…plain. After d-r Poliakoff`s experiment ended the collected data showed, that people who listen to white noise while enjoying their meals radically lose their sense of taste and ask multiple times for more salt and sugar. Another part of the study has showed that people listening to pleasant music or calming sounds, think their food is tastier. No wonder many restaurants play ambient music to their customers.

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