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Cheap transatlantic flights are now a reality

New Cheap Flights to Europe

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Everything You Need to Know about Using Electronic Cigarettes on Board

E-cigarette ads promise the freedom to enjoy smoking virtually anywhere … on a plane … during 9-, 12-, 14-hour flight … even TSA allows a vapor in the carry- on (as long as you follow certain recommendations) … and rumor has it carriers even sell them on board … like no more shaky feet 3 […]

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Why in-flight meals are tasteless – science has an answer

Many generations of travelers have been tortured with the plain and rather tasteless meals served on-board many airlines. Notice that you`re food doesn`t got any taste? Well science has the answer for this modern day phenomenon. According to latest research results it`s not the food that`s tasteless… it`s you. According to scientist, people can loose partially their sense of taste when listening to the so called “white noise” inside the airplane`s fuselage and this explains why people eating in the air use far more salt, sugar and other spices in the air, than on the ground.

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