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Wales shines out as the U.K.’s must-go tourist destination

Wales shines out as the U.K.’s must-go tourist destination Following from our last blog post, which was concerned with tourism outside London and in the constituent parts of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales), we thought we would take a closer look at Wales. Wales neglected for so long Wales is often regarded as the ‘Cinderella.’ […]

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Snow Storms create Freezing conditions in Eastern Europe but perfect for skiers

It’s cold..very cold Weather conditions throughout Central and Eastern Europe are set to be highly challenging in the next week, with temperatures plummeting across the region. Disruption is being reported from Poland in the North to Austria in the West and down into the Balkans, where conditions are reported to be very cold with deep, […]

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Cheap transatlantic flights are now a reality

New Cheap Flights to Europe

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Everything You Need to Know about Using Electronic Cigarettes on Board

E-cigarette ads promise the freedom to enjoy smoking virtually anywhere … on a plane … during 9-, 12-, 14-hour flight … even TSA allows a vapor in the carry- on (as long as you follow certain recommendations) … and rumor has it carriers even sell them on board … like no more shaky feet 3 […]

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How to Score a Fair Last Minute Airfare

Life happens and among our planned vacations and leisure travels there are some last minute emergency trips that catch us completely unprepared and leave us doomed to spend our savings on the tomorrow’s airfare. If you are faced with similar scenario and you are not one of those lucky rich procrastinators, who wouldn’t mind spending […]

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The Rise of Solo Female Travel

“It’s too dangerous.” “You’ll get kidnapped.” “Who will protect you?” The all too common questions and comments that are said to the upcoming breed of traveler, the solo female. Solo female travel is hot right now and gaining popularity by the day. Women feel empowered to take charge of their lives, especially in their travels. […]

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Must See Destination: London, England

London has this enigmatic allure that draws people from all over the world to come and witness it for themselves. It’s bustling city life and historic buildings make it one of the top destinations in the world. Flying into London-Heathrow is an experience in of itself. The bustling airport is gigantic and has estimated walking […]

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Travel Photo Of The Week

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Must See Destination: La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is a town of old traditions mixed with a desire for modernity. The various activities offered in the area are a must for adventure seekers and pool loungers alike.

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Must See Destination: Transylvania

Since it’s famed recognition in 1897 with the release of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, Transylvania has been a go-to destination for vampire hunters and history buffs alike. Contrary to popular belief, Transylvania isn’t dreary with perpetual thunderstorms, it’s actually a sprawling landscape littered with castles, national and natural parks and wineries galore. The most popular sight […]

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