The Rise of Solo Female Travel

“It’s too dangerous.” “You’ll get kidnapped.” “Who will protect you?”
The all too common questions and comments that are said to the upcoming breed of traveler, the solo female.

Solo female travel is hot right now and gaining popularity by the day. Women feel empowered to take charge of their lives, especially in their travels. No corner of the world is too far out of reach for them, no culture too obscure, no adventure is off limits.

Although still somewhat considered uncharted territory, solo female travel has a great community of travelers who are willing to share advice, to disclose tips and secrets and who are an excellent source for all female travel related questions.

There are women, who just like you, worked in a job everyday and came home to do the same things over and over. They all just wanted a change. In a recent poll, solo female travels were asked why they started. 40% said they traveled solo to gain a sense of adventure or to boost their confidence. But what was most surprising was only 11% did it for the feeling of freedom.When asked what they got from their travels, freedom was actually at the top with 28%.

Most solo female travels are anywhere from 1-6 weeks and visit at least 3 different places.

There are solo female travel bloggers who document everything from the pre-trip preparation and planning to the little quirks and adventures that they come along while abroad. It’s interesting to watch someone take on a new culture or location head on while you’re reading along. Some really great and in depth bloggers can be found here, here and here.

Just like any other traveler, there are precautions and concerns while traveling but being a female alone while abroad, some say that they modify their behavior in order to keep themselves safe. In the poll, 46% limited their alcohol intake, 54% act more confident as to deflect being a target and over 30% go home early, just in case.

These females are adventurous, free-spirited and wayfaring. No reason you can’t be either.






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