Must See Destination: La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is one of those towns that speaks delicately, the people have faces that seem to tell that they’ve seen it all before. The jagged edge of the volcano looks unreal behind the iglesia in the town’s park. The shops have tapestries blowing in the wind, inviting you in. What’s the most appealing to this area isn’t the town itself but the things surrounding this eclectic town.

The Arenal Volcano can be seen from miles away, it’s stand-alone peak lends itself to be noticed. It appears to be two-faced as it has an active side with rolling rocks and a dark grey exterior from thousands of years of ash falling and then it has it’s inactive side, with green trees and lush tropical forests all the way to the top.

There are so many activities you can try while there; their main entity is tourism and they aim to please. Almost all of the local lodging has options for tours, trips, and adventures that you can get into while there.

Volcano Gardens and Lodge was a $10 taxi ride to and from town and offered amazing views of the volcano from the private porches connected to each room. You can hear wildlife all night and if you’re lucky, see glowing red rocks falling from the tip of the volcano into the darkness below.

If you’re the adventurous type, look into ATVing on the volcano or horseback riding around the volcano. It allows you to get as close to the volcano as possible and gives you a thrill in the process. Although there are numerous companies to choose from, ask around before going. Many people have good and bad experiences with different companies, so ensure that the company you’re choosing has what you’re looking for.

For the ultimate thrill, go white water rafting through the multiple rivers that carve the landscape in the area. Offering up to Class V rapids, there are multiple routes you can take and lengths of trips vary from a couple hours to full day adventures.


For those who would rather relax on their getaway, La Fortuna has the world’s largest Hot Springs. Baldi Hot Springs is a huge campus filled with 25 different pools that all range in temperature from unbearably scalding to mildly warm. Depending on what you prefer, take a dip in each until you find your perfect spot.

Costa Rica has the Pura Vida mentality which is so easy to get lost in, La Fortuna has the ability to take you on a wild ride or rock you calmly to sleep. Whatever your preference, Arenal and La Fortuna can’t be missed.


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