Plane Tickets: How To Get The Most For Your Money

Airfare is climbing and it only seems to get more and more expensive. When looking for the cheapest rate, it can seem like a shot in the dark, but it doesn’t have to be.

Do your research. Or have us do it for you. This is by and far the most important tip we could ever give you. There are hundreds, if not thousands of flights to choose from and all are priced differently. Doing your research allows you to maybe mix and match different flights for the optimal price.

Be flexible. Some days are priced higher, some lower. Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays are all a bit higher because there is high traffic on these days. People going on vacation, going to a business trip or even coming back, all leads to higher prices for you. By being flexible, it opens you to better options on the few days before and after your desired travel date. Looking at flexible fares can save you upwards of $300, especially on transatlantic or transpacific flights.

Buy early. We know it’s not always possible to buy your tickets 6 months in advance, but if you can, do it. As the dates get closer, the price increases dramatically. A flight that is 4 or 5 months from now is usually the best time frame to buy within. For example, our Marketing Director went to Costa Rica and first saw the flight from Miami to San Jose for $290, round trip. By the time she had bought her ticket, she paid $502. If she had bought when the fare was first published, she could have saved $212.

Buy on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Although this isn’t proven or verified, in our experience we’ve found that fares tend to drop slightly in the middle of the week. It may not be hundreds of dollars worth but even $40 can make a huge difference. That could be equivalent to 6 drinks at the bar or a nice dinner out on the town.

Check back and check back frequently. Prices can sometimes change daily. Unfortunately, airlines have algorithms they use to see how many people are looking at a specific flight so if you’re checking daily on your flight, be sure to clear your cookies after your search. This allows you to check on your flight without alerting the airline that someone is looking at it, thus keeping the price down. An alternative to actively seeking out the fare is to sign up for fare alerts. We will send you an email when the price drops, raises, or when there are only a few seats left on the plane.

Look for discounts, offers and promotions. Airlines sometimes run promotions or discounts allowing you to capitalize on your flight. Double check the fine print to make sure you’re eligible and your flight is included in the discount parameters. If you’re a student or military, check with us to see if there’s any special pricing on your desired route.

Although there’s not much we can do about airline prices getting higher, we can be proactive in buying it for a price we’re okay to settle with.



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