How To Be More Comfortable On A Plane

We all know that plane rides are arduous, have too little leg room and can sometimes feel as though they’re lasting forever. Being comfortable on a plane is a luxury offered only to those in First Class or small children who think their seat is a playground. But with a few items and a changed set of mind, you too can be comfortable on a plane.

When flying domestically, flights can range from a half hour to upwards of 6 hours. How you situate yourself in your seat and where you sit can make a lot of difference.

Before you fly,have a small pack in your carry-on of baby wipes. After you go through TSA, you can wipe off your feet with baby wipes to feel a little cleaner and if you’re on an international flight, it help you to feel refreshed after a night of flying.

If you are taking an overnight flight, bring an extra pair of socks to keep your feet warm the duration of the trip. Since your feet will swell in-flight, it’s nice to have socks so you don’t feel like your feet are suffocating in shoes.

At the terminal, buy a water bottle. You will get dehydrated on flights. Since the air pressure is kept at a certain amount, the humidity in the plane is low. This causes your body to use water faster, causing you to get dehydrated. Drink a water bottle before your flight and try to get some water while in the air.

Try to sit in the exit row. The exit row has more leg room, much more but also carries a responsibility. In case of emergency, it’s your given position to help everyone off the plane safely. But since the chance of the plane needed to use you in an emergency is so slim, you’re more likely to just have a comfortable ride. Keep in mind that most airlines charge extra for exit row seating now, though.

Also remember to dress in layers. Since you’re not aware of how cold or hot the plane’s temperature is, be prepared to either add or take off layers. This enables you a certain comfort level and if you’re taking off layers, use your top layers as a pillow.

The easiest way to be comfortable on a plane is to sleep. The time goes by without you even realizing it and you wake up refreshed. In order to get so quality shut eye, come prepared. Bring an eye mask to block out the harsh lighting from the interior cabin or if the person in front of you wants to keep their window open the entire flight. Also, earplugs help with noise reduction but look for air pressure-reducing earplugs. Not only do they block out unwanted background noise, they help alleviate the pressure in your ears so there’s not so much popping while in transit. Another option is to bring headphones to listen to music.

The last item you should invest in is an inflatable neck pillow. Inflatable is probably the better way to go because it takes up little to no room in your carry on as opposed to a pre-filled pillow that you have to carry or finangle into your bag.

There’s no sure fire solution for how to be comfortable on a plane, but trial and error will lead you your highest level of comfort. Unless of course, you can afford first class.


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