The Inside Scoop To Airline Penalties and How You Can Avoid Them

We’ve all been there where you realize last minute that you booked your flight to leave on Saturday and all of your friends are leaving on Thursday. You call the airline to change it and you’re faced with a steep penalty fee.

Unfortunately there’s no sure fire way to completely avoid fees, those fees are (mostly) put to good use and are there for a reason. But, here are some ways to lessen or avoid fees if it’s at all possible.

  • Do your research. This is by and far the most important tip we can give you. Look up different airline’s fee pricing and compare them with others. The best way to avoid fees is to know that you won’t be charged them at all.
  • Be wary of “too good to be true” prices on airline tickets. That specific airline may charge astronomical fees to gain a profit. For example, Spirit Airlines has extremely low base fares but they charge you; to pick your seat, if your checked bag is over 40 pounds, if you have a carry-on, and nominal fees that add up quickly.
  • Make sure all of your information is correct. Some airlines charge upwards of $500 to change anything on your ticket, name included. Be sure to spell everything out for them and double check yourself if you’re purchasing online. Every airline has a different fee but spell-checking can save you hundreds.
  • If you’re willing to sit anywhere; look for airlines that offer discounts for waiving your option to choose your seat. It can definitely save you some money on your total airfare. Some airlines also offer discounts if you don’t have a large carry-on or don’t have a checked bag.
  • Look out for new “Bundling” prices to be introduced. Many major airlines will be introducing a bundling package where they will offer up to five items and you can choose two or three for a discounted price. For instance; they will offer to pick your seat, a meal, early check-in and priority boarding. From there, you can pick two to have at a discounted rate. This new option isn’t really saving you much money in the long run but it gives you more freedom as a traveler to customize your flying experience.
  • Bring your own snacks. Major airlines are now charging astronomical prices for what used to be complimentary such as the drinks and peanuts. To avoid this fee altogether, just pack a few snacks in your carry-on.
  • Call the airline’s customer service. Chances are they will work with you to get whatever your issue is, resolved and for no fee at all. Just be nice.



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