Little Known “Nap Rooms” At London-Heathrow Offer A Few Hours Of Shut Eye

If you have a dreaded layover in London-Heathrow and don’t want to fork over money for a hotel room or don’t want to leave the airport, Yotel is your answer. Located in Terminal 4, there are a number of cabins available for rent and some have connected showers to freshen up after a long haul.

There are three rooms to choose from; the twin suite, the standard cabin and the premium suite and they are all priced accordingly. The minimum stay is 4 hours which provides ample time for a nap or even a quick shower.Although they’re not the cheapest accommodations, they’re prefect for that layover that’s a little too long but a little too short to actually do anything.

Yotel also has “room service” which is more of a collection of to-go items brought to your pod within 15 minutes.  It’s also good to note that all pods are equipped with free wifi, power outlets and a TV for your convenience. There is no maximum time stated for the pods but it’s safe to assume that after 24 hours they request the pod for the next customer.

Yotel’s website has prebooking capabilities so take advantage of them if possible. There is also a counter for walk-ups but there’s not always a guarantee you’ll get the pod or the much needed sleep.

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