US Passport Fees to Rise…Soon

Passport prices jump in just 4 days. Can you beat the deadline?

In 4 days a new adult passport will cost $35 more than today. (The price jumps from $100 to $135). A minor’s passport  (under age 16) jumps from $85 to $105. Currently, you would pay $75 to renew a passport but on July 13, the price jumps to $110. Just need extra visa pages? You don’t have to pay for them now, but after July 13, they will cost $82!

If you’ve been planning on getting a passport, but have yet to do it, or you need your passport renewed you may want to consider getting help from a passport company that can expedite the service up to 24h.

Passport Prices Jump Significantly in Just 12 Days -You Can Beat the Deadline

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