Trips You Should Take Now And Why

We all had those trips that we dreamed about when we were younger; backpacking across Europe, surfing in Costa Rica for months on end, or maybe a Gap Year in Southeast Asia. Whatever your dream trip was, chances are, you probably never left for it. We always seem to be sacrificing travel for our everyday lives. When I ask people why they don’t travel or why they stopped traveling, the number one answer I get is “I don’t have time or the money.”

Now, we’re all busy and we all feel like we’re strapped for cash lately but if there’s one thing I’ve learned while traveling, it’s that going somewhere and immersing yourself into another culture or an activity away from the hustle and bustle that is life, is actually much more relaxing and much more therapeutic than you would think.

Here’s a couple ideas for trips that you should take now, and why.

Backpack Through Europe (For At Least Two Weeks)

Everyone has dreamed of taking a few months off and just traveling around Europe at their own pace. The food! The culture! The people! If you’re anything like most people, it never came to fruition. But now that you’re older, it seems as though that dream never really died.

Right now is actually an opportune time to go. Since Greece is constantly hanging in the balance, the Euro is staying relatively steady at 1:1.3. It’s cheaper than it has been in years and many of the countries offer off-season prices in the early winter months. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Visit Alaska

Alaska is one of the most pristine, majestic and truly awe-inspiring places on earth. It’s perpetual snow-capped mountains and it’s glacial waters aren’t just breathtaking, they’re mesmerizing.

Fly into Anchorage or take a cruise departing from Vancouver or Seattle to get the most for your time. If you wish to see the state at it’s finest, take the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage with stops in over 10 cities and “excursions” at each stop. You can take a boat ride to see the monstrous glaciers in Kenai Fjord National Park, you can take a mild white water rafting trip through Seward, or even para-glide off Mount Alyeska in Girdwood.

If you’re taking a cruise into Alaska, chances are your cruise line will offer options to see the magnificent state in it’s own ways. Princess Cruise Line and Holland America both have their own train cars if you want the best of both worlds.

Alaska is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you’re in desperate need for fresh air and mountains, be sure to hop on a plane as soon as possible.

Spend A Week In Central America

Although you could easily spend 6 months in Central America, wet your appetite with a week long visit to one country. The reason I say to only visit one country is because each one has it’s own diversity and you wouldn’t even scratch the surface in a week.

My top picks for places to go are; Belize, Costa Rica and Tikal, Guatemala.

Belize is home to islands, wildlife, rolling hills filled with jungles, ancient Mayan ruins and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Be sure to stop by San Ignacio for a taste of how everyday is led by the locals and definitely visit Caye Caulker; it’s the most laid back atmosphere packed into a tiny island.

Costa Rica seems to offer it all; jungles, wildlife, beaches, surfing, adventure. And it doesn’t just seem to, it really delivers. Anywhere you go in this country has a great adventure waiting for you. Whether your adventure of choice be horseback riding on a volcano or surfing in Jaco. 

Tikal, Guatemala is a place of other-worldly mystery. It’s home to one of the largest Mayan ruins sites in all of Central America. It’s sprawling campus is miles long and it’s hundreds of temples and pyramids give you a chance to see how life truly was for the ancient Mayas. Stay at Tikal Hotel Inn for a chance to stroll out of your front door and onto the National Park.

Visit Bali Before Trash Takes Over

Bali seems to hold a mystic place in our imaginations, with it’s temples and beautiful jungles. But there’s one problem; trash. It’s local inhabitants aren’t exactly taking care of the place. So as you’re driving along the highway, the unexpected smell of burning plastic seems to fill your nose unexpectedly.

Granted, it’s still the beautiful oasis that you’re picturing in your head but not quite as pristine as you had hoped. If you’re wanting to go, now is the time. Although there has been talks of legislature moving in to prevent the problem from getting worse, nothing is actively being done to stop it.


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