Lufthansa’s A380

Lufthansa was one of the first airlines that took advantage of the world largest airliner the Airbus A380. Since the 19-th May 2010, the A380 is the flagship of the Lufthansa air fleet. Given the code D-AIMB, the A380 is regularly used for flights from Frankfurt to the rest of the world. The pride and joy of the German airline is actually the largest and heaviest aircraft in the wold. The plane can carry 526 passengers at once across the globe. It also features fuel efficiency systems and noise reduction materials, making your flight more comfortable and quieter.

Lufthansa`s A380 offers three types of flight experiences. First Class is the most expensive and comfortable way of flying in the Superjumbo. The First Class Saloon offers some incredible innovations in passenger comfort such as the automatic air humidifiers that condition the cabin perfectly, making your flight a lot more pleasant. There are also sound-insulated curtains on every seat and sound insulating carpets that eliminate the sound of footsteps. The A380`s First Class can accommodate up to 8 passengers which will be very pleased with the new automatic seats and personalized media centers in front of each seat.

The second type of flight experience is the Business Class. It`s stunning design may take you by surprise at first glimpse, but the 91 seats in the Business Class cabin are made with high quality materials and very stylish and futuristic design. Personal space is at its best and every passenger can benefit from the fully adjustable seat, and the remotely operated entertainment system in the back of each seat.

The last but certainly not least way of flying in the A380 is the Economy Class. A lot of us will see only this deck of the A380 but there`s nothing wrong with that. Engineers have given their best efforts in enhancing personal space onboard the Lufthansa`s flagship. They are offering passengers a new type of ergonomic and slim type of seat, which is described as ”the best economy seat you`ve ever sat on”. Not only that but there`s a media center in front of every passenger that will make anybody`s flight much more pleasant.

But where can we travel with Lufthansa`s A380? Well the airplane itself has for home airport the company’s hub the Frankfurt Airport. Its regular flights feature a route from Frankfurt to Beijing and Tokyo as well as Johannesburg. From the beginning of October, the aircraft will make a number of exclusive flights from Frankfurt to the Balearic Islands and mainly to Majorca. Lufthansa has ordered a total of 15 Airbus A380s.

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