Summers Coming..

Let’s start looking

OK, for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere it is cold, for some very cold. But as with all things seasonal, it comes and it goes.

If you glance outside of your office or store window, it may not seem like it, but that snow and frost will soon evaporate, and before you know it, spring has sprung.

So the logical thing is to start looking for the best summer deals. What are the options?. Here we present you with a few:

  • U.S. Vacation: An obvious choice for many. The beaches of California or Florida, the great redwoods of Oregon or Washington State, the National Parks.Or the culture and history of New England So much to choose from.
  • Disadvantages: are that you could do this anytime.
  • Advantages: very close to home, simple and unchallenging.
  • Local Vacation: Canada is vast and to many Americans, virgin territory. Vancouver is fantastic, Toronto and Ottowa too, but the provinces of Canada offer so much more, horse-riding, trekking, nature with the wild animals, and some great fishing in two oceans, and countless lakes.Not to mention French-speaking Quebec and the charms of Montreal and Quebec City. Unique francophone gastronomy in the North Americas.
  • Disadvantages: It is still only Canada and for all the Canuck charm, pretty close to home.
  • Advantages: are still very close to home, everybody speaks English and, well it’s Canada.
  • Outside the U.S.A.: In the Americas, you can get skiing and beach; hot and cold, So to achieve something different you must factor in something else.That something else is culture and history, splashed with a touch of gastronomy.Really this is not a puff piece for Europe, as we have abandoned the Euro-centric bias of previous years in the Travel industry, so the magnificent Temples of Angkor Watt in Cambodia, the sights of Thailand and the stunning beauty of India’s myriad of architectural vistas, is strongly in our sights, and should be in yours too.
  • Alternative Beaches.At, we spend a spectacular amount of time looking at holidays, not a surprise, it is our job. Our recommendations are well researched, and given a lot of thought. So we do not hesitate to recommend going to places that are totally unknown to U.S. audiences.
  • Turkey and Greece are two lovely alternatives, particularly Greece, Island hopping is really the perfect way to spend a month in the Aegean. The Ferries are frequent and the sea so very very blue. A night in a Greek Taverna is a memory you will always cherish.
  • Spain and its Islands: Mainland Spain offers the Costa’s: Del Sol, Blanca and Brava.The Islands offer Majorca and Minorca in the Balearics and the wonderful Canary Islands.
  • Northern Europe: Castles, Palaces and Music, what more could you ask ?.A fabulous transport system makes getting around so incredibly easy. France, Germany and Eastern Europe offer you so much; from Gothic to Renaissance.All the history you read about at school, are encapsulated here. The Salzburg Mozart Festival in Austria is a delight for the ears.
  • This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, by any means. In fact, we would welcome your Blog suggestions, we have our own ideas, but yours are more than welcome so that we can fuse together our can answer all your flight, hotel and holiday needs.
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