Tips for choosing your holiday


There are many factors that may determine where, and when, you take your holiday this year.Obviously, we all have individual factors that determine our selection.


Time is the main determinant.How much vacation time can I spare ?.This also affects the amount of time that you are prepared to travel, after all why spend a day getting to your destination (and a day getting back) if you only have a weeks holiday ?.

Also, long journeys have zero relaxation value, and the main purpose of most people’s vacation is to relax.It is also a fact that vacationing anywhere in the States takes traveling time anyway, going outside the country just adds to that. So the solution is somewhere not too far from U.S. shores.


The other big factor is cost.A vacation should not clear out your bank account. Nor should the vacation present you with undue difficulties, such as places where people speak no or little English.

The other question you have to ask yourself is what kind of holiday do I want ?: for example cheap hotels, beach, mountains, activity or culture.


So what we thought we would do, is to add a few of our own thoughts to the process:

For the short/medium haul holiday, the Caribbean is surely one for the short-list.Low-Cost carriers, such as JetBlue and Southwest, are leading the way in making such airfares cheap and affordable.And increasingly other airlines are joining the Low-cost revolution.This not only means better value flights but the possibility of flying from an airport near you, rather than changing flights, as these airlines look out for local cheaper airports to base themselves in the U.S.A.

And the Caribbean is not just for the beach-hugger, in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, there are many stunning examples of Aztec and Mayan civilization to see (Cancun is particularly nice for these), and not far from resorts.The Caribbean islands have some great historical locations including former Plantations, Colonial castles, and fortresses.Most Caribbean destinations (though not all) have cheap accommodation (it is best to avoid peak periods such as Spring Break.)

Europe too is not beyond the budget traveler, with some flights to old world destinations under $400 currently has some great value offers to Spain and Portugal, and many other European destinations.

Europe also has a well-developed network of clean and inexpensive hostels, which are sometimes little different to Hotels.

Another advantage with Europe is that the U.S. Dollar is relatively strong against the Euro and the British Pound.You get much more for your buck in Europe these days.

A trip to the U.K. or Ireland should not be too hard on your pocketbook, and Europe is only five hours from New York or Boston. New airports are also offering flights across the Atlantic; among the latest is Hartford, Connecticut. Norwegian Airlines, in particular, are now offering cheap flights to the U.K. and Ireland, and to new destinations.

And then, of course, there is Canada, offering the usual friendly Canadian hospitality.Vancouver and Toronto are great cities to explore and offer plenty to do.How about a fishing trip or whale watching ?. And there is a rugged landscape; with some beautiful mountain scenery and forests, plus French-speaking Quebec for a little bit of Gallic style. Montreal has its own unique feel, as does Quebec City. And, of course, there is that delicious French food !.

Just a few hints, hopefully, to help you make your plans. If you need our help just go to the website

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