Latest horror stories from TSA

—-A cancer surviving flight attendant was recently forced to remove her prosthetic breast during an airport pat-down. Cathy Bossi, who worries about the cancer risks of excess radiation, after what she called an “aggressive pat down,” told screeners about her prosthesis. “Well, you’ll need to show me that,” said a screener, according to Newser.

—A bladder cancer survivor says a pat-down left him soaked in his own urine, according to MSNBC. TSA officials broke the seal of his urostomy bag sealed to his stomach during a pat-down, leaving him not only humiliated but also soaked.

—Not so humiliating but the TSA was cast in the light of the absurd when screeners confiscated nail clippers from 100 National Guard soldiers returning from Afghanistan. “You can’t take those on a plane,” said a screener. “It’s probably important to mention that we were all carrying weapons,” a soldier wrote in an e-mail. Their weapons included assault rifles and some pistols.

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