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Frequently asked questions

  • General Questions

    • I Live Outside the US, Can I Buy From You?
      Yes, Our Company works with partners and customers all over the globe to provide the best possible travel experience
    • How Do I Contact A Travel Representative?
      You can contact us by calling 1-800-890-3731 or emailing us at info@paylessflights.com. Please note: you cannot cancel, refund, void or make any changes to your itinerary via email.
      If you require immediate assistance, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1800-1890-3731.
      Our travel representatives are available Monday-Friday 8am-7pm EST and Saturday 9am-3pm EST. Our emergencies-only after business hours line is 727-902-9316
    • What Are Check-In Procedures For International/Domestic Flights?
      If you are traveling within the USA, you are advised to arrive at the airport at least one hour and a half before departure. If you are going outside of the USA, you need to come to the airport at least two hours before departure.With baggage internationally, this can be three hours. Overall, it is best to come to the airport as early as you can, no matter if you have checked your baggage or not. Note that the check-in procedures vary from airline to airline so make sure that you familiarize yourself with the check-in times of the company you are traveling with.Please note that weight and size limits for hand luggage can vary.
    • How Do I Know If I Need My Passport Or Not?
      Please visit this site to answer any questions regarding traveling with a Passport or Visa.

      Usually, if you are traveling outside of the United States, you will need your passport.

      Still not sure? Feel free to contact us at 1-800-890-3731.
    • Do You Sell Travel Insurance?
      Absolutely. Click here to visit our Insurance page. Our Insurance Partners are specialists in the travel market. Try them; you won't be disappointed
    • What Makes You Unique?
      What makes Payless Flights different from our competitors is that we specialize in International travel. We offer discounted flights to almost anywhere in the world, Africa, Asia, we have no boundaries as our clients have no limits. Our Travel Representatives are dedicated, professionals with a wealth of knowledge to make your journey an exceptional experience.
    • I Typed The Wrong Email, What Do I Do?
      Don't worry just contact us and we can correct your email on the itinerary. We can quickly send you an email confirming that we have updated your reservation with the proper email address. You may also call our Travel Representatives. Once the email address is corrected, we will email you your itinerary again
    • I Typed The Wrong Dates, What Do I Do?
      Most airlines allow us to cancel a transaction within 24 hours of the initial purchase. Please call our Travel Representatives so that they can stop and cancel your request. We may also assist you in buying a ticket with the correct dates of travel, and, of course, at the lowest available fare.

      What if it’s been more than 24 hours?
      If 24 hours have passed, our Help Desk can check on the airline penalties and rules for your particular ticket.Rest assured that we would get the best possible deal for you. Please note that some airlines do not allow any changes after the ticket has been purchased.
    • Airline Toll Free Numbers
      Aer Lingus: (800)474-7424
      Aero California: (800)237-6225
      Aeroflot Main Reservations Line: (888)340-6400
      Aeroflot USA Reservations: (212)944 2300
      Aerolineas Argentinas: (800)333-0276
      AeroMar: (844) 237-6629 or (305)871-4262
      Aeromexico: (800)237-6639
      Aeropostal: (888)912-8466
      Air ALM: (800)327-7230
      Air Caledonia: (800)677-4277
      Air Canada: (888)247-2262
      Air Caraibes: (877)772-1005
      Air Charter Bahamas: (866)359-4752
      Air Charter Network, Inc: (866)532-7538
      Air China: (800)882-8122  or (800)982-8802
      Air Europa: (844)415-3955 or (888)238-7672
      Air Fiji: (877)247-3454
      Air France: (800)237-2747
      Air Jamaica: (800)523-5585
      Air Mauritius: (800)537-1182
      Air New Zealand: (800)262-1234
      Air North Airlines: (800)764-0407
      Air Pacific: (800)227-4446
      Air Sunshine: (800)327-8900
      Air Tahiti Nui: (877)824-4846
      Air Vegas: (800)255-7474
      Air Zimbabwe: (800)742-3006
      AirTran Airways: (800)AIR-TRAN (247-8726)
      Alaska Airlines: (800)426-0333 or (800)252-7522
      Alitalia: (800)223-5730
      All Nippon Airways: (800)235-9262
      Aloha Air: (800)367-5250
      Ambassadair: (800)225-9919
      America West Airlines: (800)235-9292
      American Airlines: (800)433-7300
      American Trans Air (ATA): (800)225-2995
      Asiana Airlines: (800)227-4262
      Atlas Air: (800)462-2012
      Austrian Airlines: (800)843-0002
      Avianca: (800)284-2622
      Aviateca: (888)477-8222
      Bahamas Air: (800)222-4262
      Bemidji Aviation: (800)332-7133
      Big Sky Airlines: (800)237-7788
      British Airways: (800)247-9297
      British Midland: (800)788-0555
      BWIA International: (800)538-2942
      Cape Air: (800)352-0714
      Cathay Pacific Airways: (800)233-2742
      Cayman Airways: (800)441-3003 or (345)949-2311
      Cebu Pacific Airlines: (0)(632)636-4938
      Chalk's Ocean Airways: (800)4-CHALKS
      China Airlines: (800)227-5118
      China Eastern Airlines: (800)200-5118
      China Southern Airlines: (888)338-8988
      Colgan Air: (800)428-4322 or (888)-COLGANS
      Comair: (800)354-9822
      Condor: (800)524-6975
      Continental Airlines: (800)525-0280
      Copa Airlines: (800)359-2672 or (800)FLY COPA
      Crossair: (800)221-4750
      Czech Airlines: (800) 223-2365  or (855)359-2932
      Delsey: (866)433-5739
      Delta Air Lines: (800)221-1212
      Egyptair: (800)334-6787
      El Al Israel Airlines: (800)223-6700
      Emirates Air: (800)777-3999
      EVA Airways: (800)695-1188
      Finnair: (800)950-5000
      Frontier Airlines: (800) 432-1359
      Garuda Indonesia: (800)342-7832
      Great Lakes Airlines: (800)554-5111
      Great Plains Airlines: (866)929-8646
      Gulf Air: (800)553-2824
      Gulfstream Intl Airlines: (800)992-8532
      Hawaiian Airlines: (800)367-5320
      Horizon Air: (800)547-9308
      Iberia: (800)772-4642
      Icelandair: (800)223-5500
      Indigo: (877)446-3446
      Island Air: (800)323-3345
      Japan Airlines: (800)525-3663
      JetBlue Airways: (800)538-2583
      KLM: (800)374-7747
      Korean Air: (800)438-5000
      Lacsa Costa Rica: (800)225-2272
      LanChile Airlines: (800)735-5526
      LanPeru: (800)735-5526
      Leading Air Logistics: (800)552-5323
      LIAT: (268)480-5625
      LTU International: (866)266-5588
      Lufthansa: (800)645-3880
      Lynx Air International: (888)LYNX-AIR
      Malaysia: (800)552-9264
      Malev Hungarian: (800)223-6884
      Martinair Holland: (800)627-8462
      Mesa Airlines: (800)637-2247
      Mesaba Airlines: (800)225-2525
      Mexicana: (800)531-7921
      Midwest Airlines: (800)452-2022
      Miles Above: (800)469-6453
      Nantucket Airlines: (800)635-8787 or (800)352-0714
      New England Airlines: (800)243-2460
      Nica Airlines: (800)831-6422 or (800)535-8780
      North Vancouver Air: (800)228-6608
      Northwest Airlines: (800)225-2525
      Olympic Airways: (800)223-1226
      Pacific Coastal Airlines: (800)663-2872
      Pacific Wings: (808)873-0877
      Pan Am: (800)359-7262
      Penair: (800)448-4226
      Philippine Airlines: (800)435-9725
      Polish Air-Lot: (800)223-0593
      Qantas Airways: (800)227-4500
      Royal Air Maroc: (800)344-6726
      Royal Jordanian Airlines (800)223-0470
      Royal Nepal: (800)266-3725
      Royal Tonga: (800)486-6426
      Ryan International Airways: (800)727-0457
      SAS Scandinavian Airlines: (800)221-2350
      Saudia Arabian Airlines: (800)472-8342
      Scenic Airlines: (800)634-6801
      Singapore Airlines: (800)742-3333
      South African: (800)722-9675
      Southwest Airlines: (800)435-9792
      Spanair: (888)545-5757
      Spirit Airlines: (800)772-7117
      SriLankan: (877)915-2652
      Sun Country: (800)359-6786
      Suriname Airways: (800)327-6864
      SWISS International Air Lines: (877)359-7947
      TACA Airlines: (800)535-8780
      TAM: (+5511) 3123-1000
      TAP Air Portugal: (800)221-7370
      Thai Air: (800)426-5204
      Turkish Airlines: (800)874-8875
      Ukraine Intl Airlines: (800)876-0114
      United Airlines: (800)241-6522
      US Airways Shuttle: (800)428-4322
      US Airways: (800)428-4322
      Virgin Atlantic: (800)862-8621
    • I Typed In The Wrong Name, What Do I Do?
      First of all, don't worry.If you typed in the wrong passenger name, you will need to call us at 727-902-9316, within 24 hours.Our dedicated Sales Representatives will be on hand to help. Please keep in mind that your current fare may not be the same or available for the new bookings you are requesting
  • Searching Flights

    • Why Am I Getting An Error Message When I Try To Book My Flight?
      If you are getting an error message, it may be a temporary glitch. It may also be that you have missed out filling in a field in the booking zone, please re-check.If this is not the case you can also restart the search using a different browser as our booking software might not be supporting the browser you are using (Google Chrome, Opera...). We appreciate this can be very frustrating, so you can also contact a Sales Representative for assistance and book over the phone at 1800-890-3731, Monday through Friday (8AM-7PM EST), Saturday (9AM-3PM EST).
    • Can I Make A Reservation For Someone Else?
      Yes, of course, you may make a reservation for someone else. Be sure to add the name of the traveler(s) when completing the booking
    • Can I Make Reservations That Originate Outside The United States Or Canada?
      .Yes. You can book from the States to Africa, Africa to Asia or Asia to Europe. We create your traveling style we don't cramp it !. Just browse the site or contact a Sales Representative to discuss your journey
    • Will My Flight Qualify For Frequent Flyer Miles?
      In most cases you will qualify for frequent flyer miles for your flights purchased on Payless Flights. Some special fares may be restricted, by the airline, from earning frequent flyer miles.

      * If you already have a frequent flyer account established, remember to enter the information into your account profile. By doing so, your frequent flyer information will be automatically entered into your reservation whenever you book with that airline through our site. * If you did not have your frequent flyer information in your account at the time of booking please give us a call at 1 800 890 3731 or send an email to info@paylessflights.com and we will enter your numbers into your record.
    • Can I Redeem Frequent Flyer Miles On Payless Flights?
      Frequent flyer are controlled by each airline. Many airlines have modified their rules on how miles are accumulated and/or redeemed. Please contact each airline directly for specific rules.
    • What Currency Are The Prices Quoted In?
      All prices, regardless of departure city, are quoted in USD (United States Dollars).
    • What If The Fare For The Ticket(s) I Purchased Goes Down Before I Leave?
      Air fares regularly change from day to day and hour to hour.When you purchase a ticket, you purchase the price that exists at that time.If the price goes up afterwards, you do not pay the extra fare, conversely if it falls you do not get the difference refunded. Our website undertakes to get you the best price at the time of booking.
    • What Is An Airline Codeshare?
      Codeshare flights are flights operated by more than one airline using the same aircraft. These flights bear the name and flight numbers of each airline operating the flight.
      * Airlines often codeshare on routes so they can offer customers a one ticket service on all legs of their itinerary even if they do not fly their aircraft on one or more flights in the itinerary
    • How Close To Departure /Far In Advance Can I Book My Ticket?
      Advance Purchase: Air tickets can be booked online up to 330 days in advance of departure. Reservations for flight departures beyond 330 days are restricted by the airlines.

      Close-In Purchase: Flights and tickets booked with Payless Flights can be completed as close as the day of the scheduled departure.
    • Why Did The Fare Increase When I Went To Buy My Tickets?
      Airfares change throughout the day, based on demand for the flight and availability. Occasionally the fare change is the result of a technical issue. Payless Flights makes every effort to make our offers as current as possible. To ensure you get the fare and schedule you select, we encourage you to complete your purchase as soon as possible.
      Please Note: Airline fares cannot be guaranteed until the credit card submitted for payment has been charged and the ticket(s) issued. Payless Flights is not responsible for any fare increase as a result of delays in ticket issuance
    • What Are Special Deals?
      Payless Flights Special Deals are very competitively priced airfares we have negotiated directly with our airline partners. Payless Flights deals have limited space and may not be available for the specific dates and times of your search. Flexibility is the key to securing these great rates. To increase your chances of getting these unique offers, check frequently and act promptly when you find the deal that meets your travel needs.
    • What Software Or Browsers Do I Need In Order To View The Website?

      Payless Flights supports the following browsers:

      • Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher
      • Safari

      In addition, for our map feature to be viewed, you will need Adobe Flash player. Web users must download and install the player in order to view and interact with Flash content. This is a free download.

    • Can I Make Air Reservations By Phone?
      Yes! Our international air experts are here to help! If you need support completing a new or online booking, with a complex or group booking, or have an immediate need with an existing booking, give us a call toll free at 1-800-890-3731.
  • Payment and Billing

    • I Have A Non-US Or Non-Canadian Credit Card, Can I Use It?
      We do accept International credit cards (certain restrictions apply).
    • Why Am I Receiving An Email Saying My Card Was Declined?
      This can happen due to a multitude of reasons. Please give us a call back as soon as possible so we can update your payment information. You can change your form of payment. Please note that if your payment was declined and it did not go through, we cannot guarantee that the fare will be the same. If there is a difference in the price, we will notify you.
    • What Credit Cards Do You Accept?

      Payless Flights accepts:

      • American Express
      • Visa
      • Master Card
      • Diners Club

      In addition, Discover Card is accepted by many (but not all) airlines. If Discover Card is acceptable by the airline selected within your itinerary, it will be made available as an option when entering payment information at the end of the booking process.

    • When Will I Be Billed For My Reservation?
      Your credit card will be charged, in full, for all air tickets at the time of booking.
    • Can I Use More Than One Credit Card To Purchase My Tickets?
      No, all tickets within a single reservation must be paid for using one credit card.
    • Is My Credit Card Information Safe?

      Payless Flights takes special effort to keep all your personal information, including your credit card numbers, secure.

      • Your credit card number can only be transmitted over the Internet if your browser supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.
      • SSL encodes the information so that it is transmitted in a format that prevents eavesdropping or data theft.
      • When received by our secure server, your credit card number is never transmitted over the Internet again.
    • Is There A Service Fee For Booking Through This Site?
      All airfare prices include non-refundable per ticket booking fees. Fees often will show as part of an "airfare balance" charge on your credit card statement, separate from the rest of the cost of the airline ticket; and it will be charged in our travel support center's name. Many of the tickets have no booking fees.
    • How Do I Purchase A Ticket For Someone Else?
      You can purchase tickets from our website for somebody else. In rare cases, if automated authorization verifications do not go through, you might be asked for supporting documents.
    • My credit card was declined?
      If your credit card was declined, please contact your bank to determine why. Common reasons include the following: (1) using a debit card that has too low of a daily limit, (2) using a card that has not yet been activated, or (3) typing an incorrect expiration date or billing address or card number.

      Please note that for some travels and third party purchases, transaction can be declined for security reasons and protection of the credit card holder.

      Departures from India, Nepal and Pakistan are no third party credit card purchase permited.
    • Are All Prices In USD?
      All of our prices are quoted in US dollars. We do accept Canadian credit/debit cards and the final charges on your Canadian statement will be in Canadian Dollars after our price quote has been converted from US Dollars.
    • Can I Pay For The Ticket With A Debit Card?
      Yes, however debit cards normally have a low daily limit which may interfere with your ability to purchase your ticket. If your ticket price is higher than your daily limit, you may contact your bank and have them increase your daily limit to the amount of the airline ticket. Your debit card must also have a Visa or MasterCard logo on it in order for the card to be accepted.
    • Why Are There Different Charges On My Credit Card?
      Charges to your credit card may appear in the name of the airline involved, one of their service providers, one of our participating consolidators, or on the Payless Flights Inc name. Processing fees and fare adjustments will appear as a separate charge on your credit card. The total amount charged will be the total amount of the fare that you purchased.
  • After Booking

    • How Do I Review/Confirm My Reservation?
      After booking your flight, we will send you an email containing all important information including: reservation number, flight information, billing information and how to contact both us and the airline you're flying with.

      If you still have concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-890-3731 or info@paylessflights.com.
    • How Do I Cancel My Reservation?
      Contact us at 1-800-890-3731 or support@paylessflights.com and we will work with you to cancel your booking. If you cancel within 24 hours, free of charge ( ONLY within 24h of purchase) . After 24 hours, airlines penalty apply. Penalties are from $400 and up depending on the ticket and booking class. Some airline tickets are completely non refundable, you may not be able to cancel or you may incur penalty fees in addition to ours ($150 charge for cancelation, or exchange of ticket). Always consider purchasing a travel insurance, to cover you for unforeseen circumstances. In case of emergency, or death in the family, airlines may waive penalties, but will always collect if there are a fare or tax difference.
    • What Confirmation Will I Receive Once Booking Is Finished?
      Once you have completed your reservation through paylessflights.com , a "Booking Confirmation" email will be sent to the email address provided by you during your booking.
      Typically, the "Booking Confirmation" email is received within an hour of the completion of your booking. Once your credit card charge has been authorized by your credit card company, and the ticket(s) has been issued, you will receive a "Ticket Confirmation" email.
      This email will provide you with the ticket number(s) associated with your reservation as well as a full recap of your booking. Credit card authorization and other paylessflights.com security checks can take up to 24hrs from the time the booking is completed.
      NOTE: Be aware that some email accounts might send the paylessflights.com "Booking Confirmation" and/or "Ticket Confirmation" email to your "junk mail" or "spam" folder. If you have not received the above-referenced emails within the time lines provided, check any "junk mail" or "spam" email folder for paylessflights.com email communications.If in doubt contact one of our Sales Representatives who will be glad to help you
    • Can I Change The Routing Of My Existing Itinerary?
      Some tickets will allow you to change the routing of your existing itinerary. Some are restrictive.
    • What If I Typed In The Wrong Airport?
      If you typed in the wrong airport code, you will need to call us at 727-902-9316 within 24 hours of purchase. Please keep in mind that your current fare may not be the same or available for the new times you are requesting.