Its Friday 13th and Flight 666 to HEL !.

Last Friday was a bit of a worrying day for superstitious people, but none more so than any passengers of a nervous disposition on Flight 666 to HEL !!.

As experienced travelers will know, ‘HEL’ is actually the airport code for Helsinki. It just so happened that this scheduled Finnair flight from Copenhagen got the airline timetabling equivalent of the ‘wooden spoon.’

For the sake of posterity, we can report that the flight took off at 12.25pm from Copenhagen and landed (without incident) at 3.50pm in Helsinki. Finnair pointed out that staff were on hand to help any passenger with frazzled nerves.

In another rather weird coincidence, the plane was 13 years old. A bemused airline spokesman reported that the flight was always busier on Friday 13th. Still, you must pity the poor man or woman in Seat 13 Row 13. It should also be pointed out that Helsinki is a lot colder than Hell !.

On a more serious note, Finnair is a very respected airline with an excellent safety record; the company is also growing rapidly across Europe, and beyond. The unfazed Captain reported that the whole thing was ‘just a coincidence’ to him.

Finnair has been very active in launching new routes.Way back in August 2016 they announced four new short-haul flights for this summer: Malta, Ibiza, Reykjavik, and Corfu, plus boosts to capacity on London, Dublin and Edinburgh flights and two new flights to Malaga per week in the summer. Seasonal flights have also been agreed to Los Angeles and Alicante.

Finally, a joint business venture has been announced with Japan, Iberia and British Airways to improve connectivity with Japan, creating faster links, easier check-in, and better overall services.

Oh, and we forgot to tell you that they have been voted Best Airline in Northern Europe for the seventh year running.So, spooky coincidence or not, Finnair is the one with the good luck.Finnair is one of the airlines offered by

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