U.K. Tourism goes from strength to strength

UK Tourism Breaks all records

The UK has a reputation as a travel hotspot; records show that the majority of US international travelers pass through the UK either as a destination or in transit. Increasing numbers of cheap flights are making the U.K. an attractive place for vacations.

UK major U.S. travel hub

It is hardly surprising really since Heathrow is a hub for U.S. flights, and the U.K. is attractive to U.S. visitors because of shared language, shared history, and culture.

No.1 for history and culture tourism.

Great Britain, has a wealth of attractions from its big cities through to the many stately homes such as Hampton Court Palace, Blenheim Palace, and Woburn Abbey.And of course, there is Sport, with the most famous and richest Soccer Premier League and some of the most legendary clubs in the world.

Bumper year for the tourist industry

This year has been no exception with over 12.2 million tourists visiting the UK to regions outside London. England saw a 4% increase, in visitors across the board, outside of London.

Downton Abbey and Scotch lead the way

Undoubtedly the stellar success of the tv series ‘Downton Abbey,’ which has had U.S. viewers hooked, has been a significant boost to U.K. tourism, one U.S. Congressman famously had his office decorated in the Edwardian style.

The continued popularity of the Scottish whisky industry also attracts thousands to that part of the world, as does the hundreds of golf courses (the latest being a Donald Trump venture).

Spending Increases

And spending has grown too, £5.9 billion was spent by tourists in England, £367 million in Wales by its 856,000 visitors, and £1.6 billion in Scotland by 2.2 million people. (The figures are for the first nine months of 2016).

Summer in England is always the busiest time, and this summer was no exception with a record-breaking 4.9 million visitors.

Top visitors to the English regions were Germany and France, but American tourists were no slouches with 903,000 people (up to a very healthy 5%). Canadians were even keener with a whopping 15% increase (to 280,000). A record £2.5 billion was spent in 2016 by U.S. citizens.Canadians spent £505 million up 24%.

An excellent legacy for the new head of the national tourist agency ‘ Visit Britain’; the ex-Virgin Atlantic Chief Steve Ridgeway.

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