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The Crater Lake


The first glimpse of Crater Lake in Oregon is memorable. This is deepest lake in United States formed after a series of volcanic explosions.
Crater Lake receives over 500 inches of snow a year and all roads in the park are not open until mid-July including the East Rim Drive that we took runs for 33 miles and drives around the crater which is approx 5 miles wide. It takes 4 months to plow all the roads in the park and then the roads are only open for around 4-5 months before closing again for the winter There are more than 20 scenic overlooks with spectacular views. The water is so blue and the surrounding cliffs combine for a magnificent view.
There are tour boats you can take around the lake and out to the Wizard Island, a small volcanic cone rising from the crystalline water. Camping and hiking through the old-growth forests are so popular, and cross-country skiing is excellent during the eight-month long winter.
Visitors can stay at the historic Crater Lake Lodge built in 1915, the lodge is located on the edge of the caldera and offers views of the lake. The lodge is open from the end of May until mid-October and is operated by Xantera that also operate the lodges at Yellowstone National Park. The lodge has around 70 rooms and runs for about $ 200 a night.