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The Enchanting Galapagos


The Galapagos Islands are off the coast of Ecuador and are home to some two thousand exotic species of animals. Comprised of 3 major islands, the Galapagos are a must see destination for any traveler.

Studied extensively by Charles Darwin, the wildlife that inhabits these islands are a true testament to evolution within species. Most famously the giant tortoises that roam free are an attraction that will astound everyone. Unfortunately, the last of his kind, George passed away recently, reaching the age of what researchers believe to be over 150 years old. But, there are still thousands of other giant tortoises that reside on the islands according to National Geographic. Check out Wolf Volcano to see the largest collection of them.

Since lodging is sparse on the Galapagos because it is almost all nature preserve, most of the accommodations are held on boats just offshore. Getting to and from the Galapagos isn't too expensive but staying there can get quite pricey, especially in the summertime.

Research different expeditions or tours that suit your purpose and offer competitive prices. Don't be afraid to travel in the slow parts of the year as most of the prices will drop drastically.