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Town Hall Tower


In fact, the 70-meter-tall Town Hall Tower at Krakow’s central Grand Square (Rynek Glowny) leans just 55 centimeters. Yet the reason is unusual – in 1703 a strong wind has caused its tilt. The massive Gothic tower had been built of stone and brick by the end of the 13th century. It got its first clock in 1524. Several fires weakened Krakow's Town Hall Tower during the ensuing 150 years, so its west wall has been supported since 1680 by a mammoth buttress reaching up to the third floor. In 1685 the Town Hall Tower was heightened for 6.5 meters. Its present baroque roof dates back to 1686. The tower once adjoined Krakow's splendid 13th-century Gothic Town Hall that was pulled down in the 1820s.

Vast cellars under the Town Hall Tower used to contain the city dungeon with a torture chamber as well as a popular beerhouse. Now the tower's basements deep underground have been turned into a cafe and a theater. Visitors ready to climb the tower up its 100-steps narrow and steep staircase can enjoy the panoramic view from the top. They may also see the exhibition of the City of Krakow Historical Museum pertaining to the history of the municipality. Ground floor of the Town Hall Tower contains a tourist information office.