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Atlanta Falcons to get free vacation in Aruba ?


The Atlanta Falcons must be a bit battered and bruised this morning, after throwing away a 25 point lead to lose Super Bowl LI to the New England Patriots. It cannot be a magnificent feeling to lose, and certainly not in this manner.
  • To help them calm the blues, and displaying a remarkably well-developed sense of humor, the Tourism Authorities in the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba have offered the dejected warriors a free holiday in their sunny paradise.
  • The island styles itself as one of the happiest places on Earth with a reputation for great hospitality, and they want to give them a fabulous time, as part of a philosophy that embraces the losers as well as the winners.
  • So what can the Falcons expect if they take up the offer ?. Sports are a big feature: including Tennis (especially the beach variety), horse riding, canoeing, scuba, snorkeling and an 18 hole golf course with panoramic sea and beach views. The Falcons probably need something to chill out, and there are plenty of fishing trips on offer, plus some great jeep tours around the island's beauty spots.
  • One obvious advantage is that there is a direct flight from Atlanta to Aruba, and the island has always proved popular with sports fans especially football followers. The Team has plenty of time to decide as the offer is valid throughout the year.
  • Located close to the coast of Venezuela, it has 7 miles of gorgeous white sand beaches and a climate that could have been written as a perfect travel destination.
  • Aruba is hurricane free, has only a 20% rainfall rate, and the average temperature in 82F, plus low humidity, coupled with a cooling breeze (from the trade winds that powered the merchant fleets of the vast European Empires).
  • The island boasts many top class hotels; including a Ritz-Carlton, a Marriott, and a Hilton. The Island's Eagle Beach has recently been voted one of the top ten beaches in the world by Trip Advisor.
  • Fun fact is that wind turbines feature prominently on the non-tourist Eastern coast, and within a few years 100% of Aruba's energy will come from these sustainable resources.
  • And let's talk food. There is lots of it. Due to being part of the Dutch Empire (the island is in the Dutch Antilles), there are global influences on the cuisine: European, South American, Caribbean, and Asian. The Tourist Board says there are up to 90 different national influences.
A key indicator of approval is that the island has a very high revisit rate, which in plain terms means that tourists just keep coming back again and again. www.paylessflights.com can help you with all flight and hotel needs.