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Bali, Indonesia.A paradise on the Equator.


Located West of Java, and a province of Indonesia, Bali has become a by-word for a tropical paradise.Older readers may remember the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movie: 'the Road to Bali,' where the island is portrayed very much in that vein. Indeed the Island was initially on the tourist map in the 1930's.
Today Bali has become a top vacation spot for many tourists from all over the world and is especially attractive to Australian and American tourists. In 2015 269,000 American Tourists came to Indonesia and 1,090,000 Australians.Chinese tourism has also grown massively.Just under three million tourists visit Bali every year.An interesting fact is that David Bowie's ashes were scattered here.
Originally a country of independent kingdoms, Bali became part of the Dutch East Indies in 1906, when the Dutch annexed it. Bali became an independent state again in December 1949.It is now part of the modern state of Indonesia.After political upheavals in 1965/66, peace once again reigned in Bali, and the tourism market (dormant since the Second World War) revived.
Bali is suitable for all budgets; catering for backpackers and the wealthy.Indonesia's currency is weak against the U.S. Dollar, so it is great value for money.A high proportion of tourists are middle class. The island is a very safe place, with a trouble-free reputation.
Unusually for such a destination, the Arts are major features in Bali, including the Indonesian International Film Festival, which is held there annually.Painting, music and traditional and modern dance make Bali world famous, as well as metal and leather working and sculpture.There are numerous Temple Festivals and public shows; including from the Hindu Epic the 'Ramayana,' and percussion music as well as traditional Balinese dances.The audience is encouraged to be lively and boisterous.
Some dances, such as the Barong Dance, are sacred rituals performed out of context.Ancestral practices including village life are still sacred to the Balinese heart.Bali is also home to an 84% Hindu population, making it highly unusual in an overwhelmingly Muslim country. The Hindu culture (unique in this part of the Far East) contributes some spectacular Temples.
Marine life in Bali is amazing, with over 500 Coral-building species (seven times more than the Caribbean) and a vast diversity of fish and other plant life. On land, the unique Subak irrigation system is used to the bring water to the rice fields and is justifiably designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The center of Bali is mountainous, its highest peak Mount Agung is over 9000ft tall and is also an active Volcano.Most of this part of Indonesia has a history of Volcanic activity (Krakatoa is nearby, West of Java).The mountains produce most of the rainfall and therefore agricultural irrigation.
In the South, there are white sandy beaches, in the North and West, the beaches are of black sand, reflecting the island's volcanic nature.
The Resort Kuta is located near the capital, Denpasar, in the south.Kuta is the main tourist area, with many hotels, bars, and clubs; it is for the younger party orientated visitor. Elsewhere,in the South, there is Legian, and Seminyak (upmarket and wealthy with high-end restaurants and boutiques).
Ubud, North of Denpasar is Bali's cultural center. Sanur in the East was once the main tourist area but is now much quieter, try out Nusa Dua and Pecatu.Jimbaran has a  quiet, sheltered beach, and harbor restaurants.Being a place of outstanding natural beauty, Bali has won the Best Island category in world travel awards. Surfing and diving are much-enjoyed leisure pursuits. Great diving spots include Tulamben and Amed.
Amed, a quiet place with tranquil traditional fishing villages, black sandy beaches, and coral reefs.Begudul has serene lakes nesting in the mountains, botanical gardens, a golf course, and the beautiful Ulan Danu Bratan Temple.Ulu Watu Temple hangs precariously on a cliff in Bakit Peninsula.Nusa Penida, one of three islands off the South-eastern coast, has a bird sanctuary for threatened Balinese and Indonesian birds.It is a rugged and wild place.
Bali has an all year round climate, due to being near the Equator: with an average of 30C, and 85% humidity.There are over 280 species of bird on Bali, including the yellow-crested cockatoo and the endangered Bali Myna. Bali used to be home to Bautengs, Leopards and Balinese Tigers.Only the Bautengs survive, as the others have been hunted to extinction. You can still find wild Boar and Javan Rusan Deer.
Bali Barat National Park.Spread over 73 square miles, the forest has several habitats including mangrove, Savannah, and coral islands.The center of the park is four old ex-volcanic mountains. You can find 160 species in the park and several rare plant types.
Three Monkey Temples. As the name implies, you can interact with the wild monkeys who live in these Temples.Some of the monkeys have a vivid orange color. The Temple at Ubud can be visited in conjunction with other attractions since the town is home to many interesting places.
Temple of the Bats (Goa Lawah).The central part of the Temple is built at the entrance to a cave with hundreds of Bats, a unique experience.
Hawksbill Turtle, Giant Manta Ray, Hammerhead Sharks, barracudas and sea snakes are examples of marine life.Dolphins can be found off the North Coast around Singaraja.In all, there are 952 species of reef fish including new discoveries.
Fauna and Flora are abundant, and with the passage of time, it has become difficult to tell what are native species and what are imported.Coconut and Banana trees, water lilies, roses, jasmine, lotus, and begonias are just a few of the visual delights.
Ngurah Rai Airport is located in the South of the island, and a new toll road is being built to make the transfer to the resorts easier.Karangasem Cruise terminal, constructed recently, will give better access to the Cruise liner market, and there is a project for 565km of railway, which will ring the coast. There are flights into Bali from many destinations