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British, Iberia, American Airlines Join Forces


British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines - Join Forces

After a fourteen year wait the three carriers are finally approved by the US Department of Transport and EU to cooperate on transatlantic flights.

The joint business agreement guarantees cost savings. This way the three airlines will be able to compete and adapt to the challenging aviation environment, as well as keeping low fares. This will bring better outcomes for customers and communities, shareholders and employees.

Due to the alliance the companies will provide new supporting routes for the connecting flights and will co-ordinate their individual schedules which will ease passengers transfer. What is more, consumers will enjoy a better access to a global network of more than 400 destinations and 91 daily flights. They will have greater possibilities to earn and buy back frequent flyer miles.

While there are many who will consider this deal uncompetitive, the truth is that the joint business agreement between the Old and the New World has changed the way we fly and how airlines compete. Undoubtedly, this long waited deal proves that there is nothing that could stop their alliance ambitions.