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Continued Expansion for JetBlue as Alaskan links West Coast to Cuba



January is often the time when new services are announced, and occasionally some terminated. This month is proving no exception as low-cost carrier JetBlue and Alaskan Airlines unveiled some potentially very attractive new routes and hopefully cheap flights too.

Firstly there is the daily Fort Lauderdale-Aruba service. The Dutch-ruled island is increasingly favored by tourists. Aruba has been described as the Caribbean 'streamlined'. What is meant by that is that it represents a blend of the famously laid-back ethos of the Netherlands with the azure waters and white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Getting around the island is famously easy with a typically efficient Dutch transport system, and Aruba is particularly renowned for its cuisine, described by many as the best in the Caribbean as well as some of the friendliest people. This is by no means JetBlue's first venture into the tropical islands, with regular services between Fort Lauderdale and Barbados, an all-year round New York-Barbados service and a seasonal Boston-Barbados run. Luckily for JetBlue, there is no direct competition on this route.

Secondly a daily Los Angeles-Orlando pairing. This represents an entry into a pretty crowded market, with 54 flights a week on the route already. However, Jet Blue seem confident that there is a space for them.

Thirdly, a four-times a day San Jose- Long Beach service. At present no other airline services this route of 350 miles, and it will certainly make getting around California easier.

Finally, in order to help fulfill the seemingly insatiable demand for Cuban travel, Alaskan Airlines has inaugurated the very first West Coast to Cuba route, with a daily Los Angeles-Havana route. Scheduled services were only resumed in August but already there are a massive 274 fights a week from 24 destinations into Havana. Obviously Alaskan face no competition on this route, so potentially lucrative for them.
In conclusion, these new services open up unserved routes in some respects, and add to customer choice, nothing to complain about there. Check out all these flights in one place on www.paylessflights.com