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Copenhagen Airport: The new go-to aviation hotspot for Northern Europe


ADDRESS: Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark
CVR 14 70 72 04
If  airports with massive potential could be named, then Copenhagen would be near the top of the list.And that is not just supposition; the airport has just announced massive expansion plans to place it as a major transcontinental destination.
At the end of the second world war, Copenhagen had the most modern international airport in Europe, mainly because it was not subject to the ravages of war.
In 1947 Scandinavian Airways (SAS) was formed, and in 1954 flew the world's first trans-Polar route (flying to Los Angeles).By 1956, the airport had over 1 million passengers. By 2014 it handled over 24 million passengers and will handle up to 40 million, according to the new announcements. The highly ambitious plans include new destinations and new airlines.When completed, Copenhagen will be a world-class airport.
In another related development, Emirates is now operating the A380 from Copenhagen to Dubai: requiring a new jetbridge to cope with the 615 passenger behemoth, at Pier C. One of the runways was widened by four meters at both ends to accommodate the plane.
For environmental reasons aircraft approach the airport over the Oresund strait, rather than over the city.
Metro: Trains run every 4-6 minutes in daytime and 10-12 minutes at night.There is only one line, so no changes you will be required to get to the city center (at Norreport Station) in thirteen minutes.
The Airport Station is located above Terminal 3. Tickets can be bought at the DSB (Danish Trains) office in the Terminal or at the station.Ticket machines take coins and credit cards.
Trains: Also located in Terminal 3, services run every ten minutes during the day, and every twenty minutes at night.Trains go to Copenhagen Central Station. Machines accept coins or cards.
Buses: Bus 5A takes 35 minutes to central Copenhagen and stops at the Town Hall, Copenhagen Central Station, etc.
Tickets can be bought in T3, or you can pay on the bus (coins only).
Copenhagen Cards (free travel and Museum access) and CityPASS (free travel) can be bought on arrival at the airport.
Terminals 2 and 3 processes all flights. CPH-GO is the newest part of the airport used exclusively by low-cost carriers such as Transavia, Easyjet, and Ryanair. This section and the arrivals section (including Baggage reclaim and customs) are located in Terminal 3. The airside passenger concourse is shared by T2 and T3.
There are plenty of shopping facilities at Copenhagen Airport; including newspapers, books, and tobacco. Other outlets sell cosmetics, wine, and other beverages as well as fashion items.
You can even order online and pick up at the airport.There is an enormous selection of brands.The CPH Avantage card earns you discounts off future purchases.
Fun Fact: in 2016 Copenhagen won an award for the best food and drink selection.
Dining includes a Caviar shop, McDonald's, Murphys Irish Pub, Wine and Tapas, Starbucks, and a Nordic restaurant.
There are several lounges, including two for SAS. The CPH Lounge is open to any passenger with a credit card.Some airline passengers can get in for free.In most lounges, you can enjoy free drinks and snacks plus workstations and meeting rooms, and of course wi-fi.
There are medical facilities, ATM's and Banks as well as information kiosks.
Parking is plentiful and starts from 360 kroner for a week, with a free shuttle bus from your parking zone (typical time 6-7 minutes).Short stay parking entrance is at the west end of P4 and costs 45 kroner per hour. Drop off parking is at the same place and free of charge.Car rental is available in the Terminals twenty-four hours a day.
Airlines at the Copenhagen Airport include Turkish, Austrian, Air Berlin, Norwegian, Air Canada, Emirates, BA, Croatian Airlines, Lufthansa, and SAS. The most popular destinations are London, Stockholm, and Oslo.New York is the most popular U.S. destination.
Significant Existing Routes
San Francisco, Los Angeles ,Chicago, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Oakland, St. Croix,New York Newark, New York (JFK), Marrakech, Casablanca, Cairo,Sharm El Sheik, Egypt Tel Aviv Beirut, Dubai, Bangkok,Phuket,Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Cancun, Mauritius, Doha,and Toronto.
New Routes
Here we see the latest, fascinating developments.The range of destinations is breathtaking.New Routes include:
Vancouver, Seattle, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Amman, Mumbai, New Dehli, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Manila, and Seoul.
Connections to anywhere in Europe are very simple from Copenhagen to Scandinavia, the Low Countries and to Germany.It is just a wonder that it has taken so long to realise it.
Scandinavian Aviation is becoming prominent on the transcontinental stage now, and it looks as if Copenhagen could be its biggest playhouse !.