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Flights to Romania


Quick facts about Romania:

The country’s most famous tourist destination is Transylvania, home to Bran Castle, where Count Dracula was said to visit. Sitting atop a cliff, legionss of vampires roam the castle quarters and wait patiently for nightfall. Situated just behind Transylvania are the Carpathian Mountains.Prince Charles owns a whole village there set out as a traditional, but ecological, community

Nature-enthusiasts book flights to Romania for amazing skiing and hiking trails in the mountains. It’s likely you’ll encounter a few vampire hunters on your flight to Romania. If sun and surf is more your style, head toward the beaches of the Black Sea. For the night-lover, a stay in Bucharest will be a highlight of the Romania trip. Stylish restaurants, booming nightlife and plenty of bars and attractions keep the city alive with character and charisma.For the cultured, there is the Atenee Concert Hall with its magnificent dome, the 19th Century Opera House andnumerous museums Any trip to Bucharest would not be complete without a guided tour of the Parliament, the largest public building in the world, and a monument to the tyranny of Ceaucescu, the late Communist dictator.

Typical Romanian dishes include Tripe Soup accompanied by chillies and garlic, and mince meat wrapped in vine leaves. Romanian wine is pleasant on the palate, with the reds  particilar favorites.Romanians are particularly fond of strong, small black coffees.

Peak season: The summer months, July and August. May to July is a good time to look for cheap flights to Romania. The weather is pleasant and the tourist attractions are uncrowded.
Off season: In general, the winter months; however, this is when skiers and snowboarders head for the slopes of Poiana, Sinaia (known as Carpathians Pearl), Busteni, Predeal and Azuga.

Romania airports:
Bucharest, Romania – Otopeni Airport(BUH)

Arad, Romania - Arad Airport(ARW)
Cluj, Romania - Cluj Airport(CLJ)
Constanta, Romania – Mihail Kogainiceanu(CND)
Constanta, Romania – Constanta(SBZ)
Timisoara, Romania – Timisoara(TSR)

London is a useful stopping point to get to Romania, with Easyjet, Ryanair and Blueair providing budget flights from several UK airports to Bucharest,Arad,Timisoara, Cluj and Constanta.

Entry Requirements:
United States citizens require a passport valid for the period of their intended stay. No visa is needed for stays of up to 90 days. All passports must be valid for period of intended stay. All visitors must hold all documents required for further travel, onward or return tickets, sufficient funds for period of stay, and proof of reserved accommodations.

Flights from Miami to Romania
Flights from London-Heathrow to Romania
Flights from Philadelphia to Romania
Flights from Sofia to Romania

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