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Londons Heathrow Airport to be massively expanded


In a widely predicted move, the British Government has announced a new Third Runway at the capitals main airport, Heathrow.The decision will double Heathrows capacity, and represents an investment of €20 Billion. The decision comes amidst ferocious opposition from local communities. It will take 9 years for the project to be completed. Currently Heathrow is operating at 98% capacity, and is the worlds busiest airport. Heathrow is a major hub for long haul flights.

Heathrow is Londons oldest airport, being originally called just 'London Airport' . Aviation expanded rapidly from the 1960's onwards; and Gatwick , Stansted and Luton were established to meet growing demand. Latterly Southend has been renamed 'London Southend' and deals with mainly European short-haul with budget airlines. However demand for services into London has continued to grow, and pressure for a decision on Heathrow expansion (or alternative provision at Gatwick) has been building up for some time. The decision is proving unpopular in North-West London (which will be mainly affected by the decision).