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Organizing your holiday
After the Holidays now is the traditional time to think about your summer vacation.

The world is becoming a much smaller place because of more and more, better and better, travel links.Options are growing and, to many would-be travelers they can be a little bewildering.

We thought we would help you with a few suggestions:

Most people think of a holiday that is themed around something, for example, beach or skiing. In other words, vacations that do not really allow you to experience much else.
This, of course, does not have to be the case.Everything depends on how flexible you want to be.The traditional 'package-tour' usually anchors you to the same place and the same hotel, but with the great library that is the internet, you are free to shop around and make your own holiday.You might even be asking is a skiing and beach holiday really possible ?.

The answer, surprisingly, is 'yes'. Let's take one example, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Andalusia, Spain has a winter season from November to April, yet is just one hours drive from the Costa Del Sol. So you can literally be on the ski slopes in the morning and on the beach in your swimming costume in the afternoon. Malaga or Granada airports can take you there.
The growth in local or internal flights also helps the dedicated traveler and, when coupled with good bus/train services, your parameters to explore are greatly extended.It is not necessary to be stuck in one base.

Travel around Europe with an 'Inter-rail' pass for a few hundred dollars, many trains in Western Europe are high-speed so that you will be there in no time.
How about the East and West Coast of Canada?  See the capital Ottawa and the French charm of Quebec and then off to Vancouver and the Pacific Coast ?. Cheap Hotels and Flights are available with paylessflights.
One interesting holiday route could be the beautiful towns of Northern Italy such as Venice, Florence, and Pisa and then head down to the rural South for the beach, maybe even go across to Sicily.
Finally, why not see more of South America, it is after all Americas 'back-yard'. Try out carnival in Rio and then down to Argentina to the wilds of Patagonia or the sophisticated bars of Buenos Aires, with the Tango music wafting in the air.
We hope that by now we have demonstrated that flexible travel arrangements really do bring added value to your holiday experience.
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At Payless flights, we are the acknowledged specialists in flights from and to the United States.We specialize in the more unique travel itineraries and would be glad to help you create that extra special holiday. Remember vacations are not about destinations, they are about you !.