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Mexico Breaks all records in Tourism and new flights


Mexican Tourism thrives
Despite all the recent negative coverage of Mexico, it appears at least one sector of the economy is thriving, beyond all expectations. That sector is Tourism.
The Mexican Tourist Board is reporting record figures on two fronts:
  • Firstly, new routes to Mexico are being added, all around the globe.
  • Secondly, additional flights are supplemented, on current routes.
  • Thirdly, total capacity is being increased by the deployment of bigger planes, with more seats
  • All this is catering for a significant surge in demand for travel to Mexico.
The reasoning is not too difficult to figure out, proximity to the U.S.A., but south enough to be significantly warmer than most places there. But more than that, tourists from across the globe are flocking to Mexico, Brits, French, Spanish and much, more. Spanish, as the language is the same, French from the legend of the ill-fated Emperor Maximilian and Brits searching for the next new vista.
  • The real numbers are astounding: 1,000,000 extra seats are available on flights to Mexico, from 20 countries. Or to put it another way, tourist numbers to Mexico have increased by an eye-watering 10% per year from 24 million in 2013 to 35 million in 2016, rocketing Mexico to the 9th most visited country in the world.
  • Mexico is particularly popular in December, and mid-summer, as well as Easter, and Spring-break for students. Acapulco and Cancun, in particular, have proved popular with European tourists to.
Why Mexico ?
  • The attractions of Mexico are many, its climate is varied, from temperate to tropical, and its culture is a blend of European and various native cultures.Mexico, with a population of 120 million, is the second-largest in Latin America, and many indigenous languages compliment the major one, Spanish.
  • Aside from the beaches, there is the beautiful music, the hot and spicy food, and the many architectural edifices, not just from the period of Spanish colonialism, but also from a much earlier age ..of the Aztecs and several earlier cultures, some now forgotten, but for the monumental splendors left behind.
  • The legacy of Spanish Catholicism leaves many churches, that exhibit a captivating blend of 16th century Spain with the Indian spirit. But the biggest legacy in Mexico is its people.
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