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Qantas Starts New Checked Baggage Weight Policy


Qantas Air, an Australian based airline that flies domestically throughout Australia and internationally to the America, has issued a new policy regarding their checked bags. 

To all destinations except the Americas, Qantas has moved from a weight per piece policy to a total weight policy. What this means is that instead of being allowed only one checked bag weighing 50 pounds, you are now able to check as many bags as you please, as long as the total weight of all the bags is equal to 50 pounds.

For those in Premium Economy/Business Class, the rules still apply for the total weight policy but rather than 50 pounds, they are given a hefty 88 pounds of total weight. And for those flying in First Class, they are granted 110 pounds of total weight. Premium Frequent Fliers have different total weights depending on your status level, so visit Qantas' website for further information.

This option allows for a bit more flexibility and is a great option for families that have small children who are usually charged for multiple bags.

For travel to and from the Americas, the weight limit is still a per piece policy per USDOT regulations.