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Stop-over Tours on your connecting flights


Stop over tours on your connecting flights
It is an unfortunate fact of life for international travelers on long-haul  flights that many journeys involve deeply boring and frustrating stopovers.Even the most dedicated internet addict will probably find that they are running out of interesting things to do or watch at these times.This is where the innovative entrepreneur comes into their own.  And indeed they have, with stopover tours.
Across a raft of destinations, tours are springing up which cater specifically for the periods of time you have to spare and take you to exactly the sites you want. For instance, a six-hour stopover in Rome Fiumicino (an airport notorious for delays at the best of times) can get you a bespoke tour including the Circus Maximus, the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain and a few other attractions. Depending on exactly what you want, these tours cost between $50 and $200.
Just simple research will reveal that London Heathrow, Dubai, Paris, Cairo and Istanbul are all destinations where stopover tours are offered. Dubai has the added bonus of stopping over for a few days at no extra cost.
There are also opportunities for stopovers at places like Casablanca en route to destinations like Paris.
Travelers looking for a little extra comfort on their flights will be disappointed that American Airlines has delayed the roll out of its Premium Economy class until late 2018.Originally it was scheduled for June 2018.The changeover involves refitting of cabins on its Boeing and Airbus flights.
However, the end 2018 deadline only applies to wide-bodied international flights.Dallas-Fort Worth has already pioneered Premium Economy, and other routes will be added as the year progresses.For example, a time-limited trial will take place on Chicago-Paris from July 5.
So, what do you get for your extra money on the flight?
Well, for a start more legroom, free beers, wines, and spirits plus entertainment and other IT perks, plus of course priority boarding.Plenty of things to make your flights relaxing.
In-flight cabin food
In-flight meals have often got mixed reviews. Some airlines consult expert chefs when preparing their menus others take the time to make sure the wine selection is second to none.Now a new study from Oxford University in England has shed some more light on the matter.It appears that some factors may affect your enjoyment of your meal.Cabin pressure, aircraft noise and dry cabin air all seem to affect our sense of taste and smell. To the horror of nutritionists and dieticians, it appears that 20% more sugar and salt need to be added to make the meals taste like they would on the ground.
The unhealthy element is also that when eating on an airplane, there is nothing to do to burn off the calories.Hence the fattening factor. The boredom of flying also makes passengers more likely to binge with some travelers consuming as much as 3,400 calories over the course of a trip.Attempts have been made to offer 'healthier food, ' but often this is loaded with sugar and salt.Some airlines are doing well on the healthier eating front with Virgin America scoring highest.Delta had the highest calories per meal with 527.