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The Worlds Longest Airline Routes


For the truly adventurous, and patient, here we present the worlds longest air routes. As new aircraft get more fuel efficient and therefore can fly longer distances without refueling, this list will just grow and grow.
Dallas Fort Worth-Sydney
Dallas-Fort Worth to Sydney Australia must be on someone's bucket list,and, at around 16 hours flying time, it is certainly a long flight, couple it with time differences and the blearily eyed passenger cannot be blamed for being a little confused. However, while onboard you will have had complimentary wine, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a whole feast of flight time luxuries, of which Qantas is justifiably proud (there is even a self-service snack bar !).If customers need refreshing, you can ask for a kit bag filled with deodorant, razor, and towel.
New York (JFK)-Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific, Hong Kongs regional airline, has a  16-hour flight from New York (JFK) to Hong Kong International Airport. The traffic between the U.S.A. and Asia is growing by the day, and this well-used route is popular with leisure and business travelers alike. Flights are three times per week.
Doha, Qatar-Houston TX
Doha, Qatar, and Houston Texas are linked by Qatar Airways 16 hour marathon flight, journeying westward into the U.S.A.. As with Qantas Dallas-Fort Worth service, passengers can request an amenity kit to refresh themselves and, to help them sleep, they are given an eye mask. For those wide awake each passenger has a personal 10.6 inch TV.
New York (JFK)-Johannesburg
With South African Airways non-stop New York (JFK) to Johannesburg, South Africa is another long-haul, literally. Operated by Airbus 340-600's, the flights three hundred passengers are treated to two meals, a snack and free drinks (including spirits and wine) as well as the latest seat back entertainment. Flight time is 17 hours.
Dubai-Houston TX
Oil seems to be a bit of a theme in Emirates Dubai-Houston service. On this nonstop flight, you will be presented with two meals, plus a running food service including fruit and pizza. During the 16 hour journey, you can visit the bar as many times as you want, as it is free. Emirates takes pride in its status as a luxury airline so that you won't be disappointed.
Los Angeles-Dubai
Continuing with Emirates, the Los Angeles-Dubai service connects two of the worlds classiest cities.Flown by one of the 'big beasts'  of the aviation industry, the Boeing 777-200LR, the 216 passengers economy passengers, 42 business class and eight first class, can experience Emirates quality service. One interesting feature is the starlit ceiling which shows the lighting at the destination point and thus helps reduce jet lag.
New York (Newark)-Hong Kong
United Airlines operates a New York (Newark)-Hong Kong flight. The airline is becoming more adventurous in long-haul aviation, this flight takes 16 hours.
Los Angeles-Singapore
Singapore Airlines Los Angeles-Singapore flight took the prize, with an 18-hour thirty-minute journey for one hundred business class passengers. It is slower than the New York (Newark) flight, as it encounters more wind resistance crossing the Pacific rather than the North Pole, despite traveling 800 miles further. United Airlines will also fly this route from October 27th, 2017; its course will be 8,770 miles long, 300 miles longer than its current record for a U.S. carrier (the San Francisco-Singapore service). However, this service has been discontinued until Singapore takes possession of  a new generation of more fuel efficient aircraft.
The longest route in the world is to be launched in March 2018, when Qantas begins its London-Perth nonstop flight, made possible by new fuel-efficient 787's (the flight distance is 8,997 miles). Two Doha-Auckland services run by Qatar and Emirates respectively are the next longest routes (at 7843 miles and 7,664 miles).
Los Angeles-Bangkok
A mammoth 17 hours thirty minutes journey awaits you if you want to be aboard Thai Airways Los Angeles-Bangkok flight. The good news is that Thai Airways are famed for their in-flight service, especially in-flight catering. Their delicious food should take your mind off the time. Flown by an Airbus 340-500, the 8.260 miles will hopefully pass quickly.Thai Airways receives very high customer satisfaction ratings.
New York (Newark)-Singapore
Singapore Airlines really now how to spoil their passengers aboard their New York (Newark) to Singapore service. The Airbus 340-500 can typically seat 300 people but, for this flight, there are only 100 luxury seats. If you want to get up from your reclining seat, you will find it is easy to move around, especially in the direction of the self-service snack bar, or just wait to be served one of your three meals with complimentary drinks.
Atlanta -Johannesburg
It's  personnel galore on board Delta's Atlanta, Georgia flight to Johannesburg, South Africa; as four pilots and two flight crews are required to staff the plane.During the sixteen-hour, fifteen-minute flight passengers can expect to receive two meals as the Boeing 777R cruises the 8,344-mile journey. The airplane gets through nearly 40,000 gallons of fuel during the long trip.
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