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Going on a Cruise: A great vacation choice


So a cruise?, new to you?, A bit scary?. Let's find out all about it.
Many people will never have been on a cruise before, but those who have will become addicted to these 'Moving Hotels.' However, there are also many preconceptions about cruises which we will seek to challenge in this article and in doing so help you maximize your cruise vacation enjoyment.
Misconceptions.. there are many
The biggest misconception, we have heard of, is that cruise ships are just for seniors, a floating retirement home. This is completely false, people of all ages enjoy the benefits of this type of holiday; be they honeymooners or even kids on Spring Break. There is so much to do apart from eating, drinking and taking in the magnificent sea views. Obviously, the ships vary in size and quality, but most contain a gym to keep off those holiday pounds, and a cinema, and a variety of sports.
Cruise Liners are expensive
This is the other primary myth. It is certainly true that, years ago, a cruise vacation would hit your pocketbook hard. But, since then, the cruise companies have realized that they can make lots of money by catering to a wide variety of budgets. There is a broad range of cruises on offer, varying in duration and the number of ports of call, classes of cabin, all inclusive, and pay as you go rates. Early booking can also save you money.
I don't want to feel 'imprisoned' on the ship
There is little likelihood of you having the time to feel trapped. With many activities, you will be kept busy. Many cruises go to a different destination every day so, if you want, you will be off the boat and out and about all the time. It may be that you might want to consider one of the mega-ships (with up to 6,500 people) you will not see the same faces every day and the amount of things to do increases massively, with a variety of restaurants, decks, lounges, and bars to suit all tastes.
I will get fat
There are many dining experiences to be enjoyed on a cruise, and that includes healthy eating options.Ultimately your calorific intake is really up to you. Taking some gentle exercise, such as walking, can also help with that vacation waistline. Another way to fight that tightening belt is to make use of the Spa facilities; Take a sauna, go in the steam room or work off any tension with a massage. Alternatively, go to the nightclub and dance the night away.
There will be too many people
Cruise liners come in many shapes and sizes, some are as tall as a skyscraper, but at the other end of the market, some are small and intimate, with only a few hundred people, where you can easily make life-long friends, and quickly be on first name terms with the staff. Who knows, you might even spend a gala evening at the Captain's table.
I'll get seasick
The chances are you won't, and seasickness only affects a minority of people. These days the bigger boats are fitted with stabilizers, so that it is unlikely that you will even feel the ship in motion.But, if you are that worried take some seasickness tablets on board. A cabin on a lower level, on a middle deck can also be requested. Another recommendation is to avoid cruises at the time of year when the weather is bad; stick to the Caribbean and maybe avoid the Atlantic.
The options to keep busy are many. There are many sports such as deck games, and other options include Basketball, jogging around the ship, and 4D movies. You can even improve your culinary skills in cooking classes !.
Just about anyone can enjoy a cruise, some come back year after year and meet their old friends. There are many cruises to choose from, and payless cruises have lots to offer.