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Travel Insurance. A Wise Move ?


Travel Insurance
The world of Insurance can be quite a dry subject but, with travel, it is an absolute must to look into.This article outlines potential costs for Insurance, but also looks at why you should get it.Going on vacation and moving house are said to be the two most stressful things that people ever do. We cannot advise you about moving house, but we can help you in trying to make your trip as easy as possible.
Let's start with an illustration of why you need travel insurance: A passenger flies into Chicago from, say Sofia, Bulgaria, they have a short time to get a connecting flight to Tampa, Florida. Unfortunately due to the volume of air traffic at the time, the flight is delayed by an hour. First of all an hours delay is considered reasonable in U.S. law, so no compensation is forthcoming.
However, the knock on effect of the delay is that the Tampa connection is missed. If the connection is with a second airline then, in most cases, a new flight has to be booked which has to be paid for, also a nights hotel accommodation, food and cab costs are incurred. An hours delay has now caused hundreds of dollars to be spent. From only 5.5% of ticket price , insurance will cover all these costs.
Other Problems can happen
Most people travel safely and with no significant problems. For a minority, that is not the case. Accident or medical emergency can turn a vacation into a nightmare, especially when in a foreign country; mounting medical bills and no obvious way to pay them is every traveler's dread. Even loss of wallet and passport are hugely stressful. It, therefore, makes sense to spend a comparatively small amount of money to remove all those fears.We are not here to sell policies, just to point out what you might spend, and what you could be covered for.Here is a plan from our website http://www,paylessflights.com :
The Plan costs 7% of ticket price (minimum $20) and includes the following:
Pre-existing medical condition waiver (if the ticket is purchased within one day of initial payment)
Trip cancellation 100% of trip cost
Trip interruption 125% of trip cost
Trip Delay $500 (max $100 a day)
Missed Connection $500
Baggage and Personal Effects $1000
Baggage Delay $500 (maximum $100 per day)
Accidental Sickness Medical Expense $10,000
Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation of remains $20,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment $25,000
What are the details of such cover ?:
Trip cancellation: includes such categories as serious illness or death, loss of job or being laid off, automobile accident, bad weather, airport strike or a terrorist incident in a city on your itinerary within 30 days of your departure date.

Trip delay: is if your, or your traveling companions journey is delayed 6 hours or more for you or your companions sickness, or injury, loss of documents/money, common carrier delay or natural disaster.

Missed Connections: if cancellation or inclement weather causes a delay of 3 hours or more from your point of departure.

Loss, theft or damage to Baggage or personal effects, is also covered.

Baggage Delay: Reimburses for the purchase of essential items, if baggage is lost or delayed for 24 hours or more.

Emergency Medical Assistance: applies to Physician, Ambulance, hospital and prosthetic services.Initial treatment must be received during the trip. Emergency dental care is also covered.

Repatriation: is to the nearest appropriate medical facility, with an escort, and repatriation of remains on death.

Assistance Services: covers a whole range of needs such as emergency prescription replacement, doctors, replacement of eyeglasses and lenses.Arranging bedside visitors and containment investigation of medical costs.

Worldwide Travel Assistance: includes lost baggage search, replacement of baggage, lost passport travel document assistance, emergency cash transfer, legal referrals, flight rebooking hotel rebooking rent a car rebooking, Emergency return bookings and roadside vehicle assistance.