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Why use a travel agent? Key tips on how to save time and money.


Using travel agent for air fare
The use of direct bookings with airlines or with travel websites, rather than that trusty old telephone call to a traditional travel agent, is pretty much standard these days. It was thought that travel agents were obsolete. Now, however, it appears that they are making a comeback. Here we reveal why the travel agencies are bucking the trend.
Problems with online flights booking
We live in an age when everything is at our fingertips. Just fire up that laptop, IPAD or smart phone, and you can be surfing the internet to your heart's delight, whether it be shopping, reading the news, or booking a vacation. Is booking via the internet is the smartest way to get the best flight or hotel bargains? Many people are starting to think not.
When you search on the web, you are using advanced technology that delivers offers to you according to its own criteria and restrictions. By this, I mean that it provides results by order of availability and by their proficiency in search engine optimization. It does not automatically give you what you want, or indeed the best results on flights prices or schedule. For that, you need the personal touch, which, in the case of our scenario, means interacting with travel industry professionals.
These experts are a bit like walking encyclopedias, who have a wealth of connections within the industry to tie up your loose ends and make your travel as seamless as possible. The enormous amounts of restrictions, fees, and penalties in the system make proper guidance essential.The absence of major airlines on some travel websites makes it nigh on impossible for a customer to get the best deal regarding traveling time, stopovers, and value for money. It is also a paradox that there is simply too much information and some of it is complicated and confusing, many travel websites are no exception to this rule.
What you should expect from a travel agent
It is important that you have a travel agent that knows what you want, understands your needs and attempts to give you what you want. It is important also that the fees are competitive.
The ability to communicate effectively, both by telephone and e mail is important. You are paying an agents fees for a service that has to be better than the online alternatives. Twenty-four-hour telephone services are essential in this respect. The sign of a good travel agent is that they come back quickly with travel options, not just one unsuitable offer. A top tip is to do a basic search online, get a few prices together and then you have something to compare the travel agents performance against.
The agents experts aim to solve what can be tough problems. In example; try seating a family together on a journey with say three plane changes. Virtually impossible for a lay person. Significantly fuller flights create problems too. Getting a window or aisle seat for more than one person can be hard. Also, many airlines are not allowing agencies to distribute online any private or negotiated fares. So really if you want to pay less on your airline airfare you need to contact an agent that specializes in the destination you are going.
Travel Agent specialties
There are times when using a travel agent is a no-brainer. Large group bookings almost beg for a professional input. Business travelers (they are not paying for it, and your itinerary may be highly specific) can move around several locations needing several flights and hotels. Going to a very exotic location, which can be off the beaten track, means specialist knowledge may be essential for that right local airline connection, the best hotel, and other advice and assistance. The 'next big thing' may be on your travel agents books, so establishing a good relationship may mean you get some great deals and information on time to react on the good deals.
Our top advice on how to book flights
Check online for airfare, keep in mind that many meta search sites are cutting on displaying agencies and are showing mostly airlines fares. That means you are not getting full information on published and private fares, as airlines will not offer any private fares. Always feel free to call us and we will gladly help you with your search and give you best advice and tips for the destination traveled.