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Gran Canaria is the perfect island on which to spend your holiday. A multi-faceted destination, you can enjoy many features you normally wouldn't find in such a small area.
Las Palmas airport is located in the middle of the east coast of Gran Canaria, about 20 minutes up the motorway to the city of Las Palmas and 40 minutes down the motorway to Puerto Rico (25 minutes to Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas).

Croatia has a unique blend of European flavors, a country of fascinating diversity rich in history and culture: Medieval churches, castles, spectacular natural wonders, unspoiled fishing villages. It is a year round destination.

In 2016, Germany awaits you with numerous occasions to experience its creative art, design, architecture and fashion. With a rich history in arts and innovations, Germany has always been home to famous painters, visionary inventors and great architects who are now followed by the next generation of young, inventive artists. The diversity of their work is astonishing and well worth being discovered.

Many of you must have seen a few cities and liked them, but have you ever fell in love with any of them the minute you saw them? I have! It’s called VENICE! It’s the most spectacular city, full of glamour, charm, romance...THE QUEEN of all cities!

Staromestske namestie is the liveliest, most elegant square in Prague as well as the main one.

After centuries of war, conflict and discord, Germany today is a fascinating place for travelers.

At a glance there is nothing wrong with this beach - has white sand, seaweed, bathers, tiny waves, rocky cliffs, and is subject to tides, but it's NOT ON THE OCEAN. IT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF AN AGRICULTURAL FIELD.

Among 136 km of coastline in Agrigento province the part near Realmonte bears the exotic, unexpected name – Scala dei Turchi. Above the sandy beach rise layers of incredibly white cliff of limestone shaped into a kind of long terraced steps leading to the land.

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