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Aerolineas Argentina

Baggage information

Free baggage allowance for domestic flights within Argentina:
15 kg in Economy class
30 KG in Club Condor Class

Free baggage allowance for international flights. see more
Flights with connections from South America through Buenos Aires

Club Condor Class
- Number of registered bags: 2 with maximum weight per piece: 32 KG
- Maximum Size: each piece shall not exceed 158 linear cm. The combined maximum linear size shall not exceed 316 linear cm.

Economy class
- Number of registered bags: 2 with maximum weight per piece: 32 KG
* Flights between Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Roma/Madrid/Barcelona: : 23 Kilos.
* Flights between Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and USA/Oceania : 23 Kilos.

- Maximum size: the addition of the outside dimensions of each piece shall not exceed 158 cm. The combined maximum linear size shall not exceed 273 linear cm.

You are not allowed to take with you or in your hand bag containing the following items: scissors, nail Clippers, knives, cutter, nail file, knitting Needles, bradawl, screwdrivers, harp or stabbing elements in general.
Explosive Objects: Flares, firecracker, fireworks, etc.
Inflammable Objects: Alcohol gel sanitizer, combustible, paint, solvent, liquids for lighters, etc.
Compressed and inflammable gases: Aerosols, butane gas, diving air tanks, cylinder of oxygen, cylinder of gas bottles for camping, etc.
Weapons: loaded firearm, munitions, gunpowder, tear gas, peppery gas, etc. The unloaded firearms can be dispatched only by a police authority.
Corrosive elements: spilling batteries, bleach, ammonia, oven cleansing, cleansing all-purpose, etc.
Another dangerous material: pepper gas, gasoline tools, camping articles with combustible, radioactive material (including radiopharmaceuticals) oxidizers, corrosives, poison, infectious substances.

Allowed Articles
Travelling bag or hand bag.
Umbrella and/or a stick.
Reading material for the flight.
Carrycot and children food to consume during the flight.
Overcoat, coat or travelling rug.
Small personal camera and/or prismatic.
Cellular or Satellite Telephone.
Notebooks, Discman, walkman and similar ones.

Children information

Regulation for infants Traveling to the UNITED KINGDOM
Infants under 18 years of age need a visa to enter the United Kingdom. They are traveling as visitors, that is why they must have a visa endorsed as “Child Visitor”. Such a visa can be issued for accompanied and unaccompanied minors.

CHILD VISITOR VISA FOR UNACCOMPANIED MINOR: It allows the Child to travel on his/her own to the United Kingdom or with an adult.
CHILD VISITOR VISA FOR ACCOMPANIED MINOR: Valid only for those minors who travel with the adult(s) whose name(s) is (are) endorsed on the visa. NO other adult can act as the child’s accompanying adult.
For further information please contact the British Consulate.

These types of Visas do not apply to
Children under 18 who had their visas issued before February 12, 2006.
Visas that aren’t Child Visitor visas, such as student visa.
Once the child turns 18, the Child Visitor visa shall be accepted as a Visitor’s visa.

INFANTS for Domestic and Regional/International flights
Infants must travel with their parents or by person in charge, without the right to occupy a seat.
Only one Infant is permitted per adult passenger.
The trip is not advisable for newborn babies up to 7 (seven) days of life.
For safety reasons, infants can't be carried by using a mobile car baby-seat, provided by the passenger.
Check-in system will automatically assign for an adult traveling with an infant a seat with a double oxygen mask.

Domestic: Free fare (at no cost, without the right to occupy a seat)
Regional/International: 10% of the fare that applies to adults plus taxes and surcharges (without the right to occupy a seat).
CHILD for Domestic and Regional/International Flights

- Infant between 2 and 5 years old (not being 5 yet), may only travel accompanied by both parents or by a responsible person in charge of them. The service for Non-Accompanied Minor shall not be permitted.
- Infants from 5 to 12 years old (not being 12 yet) may travel alone or must make use of Service for Non- Accompanied Minors.

TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS for Regional and International flights:
- The child leaving the country without parents or with only one of them should have a travel authorization, legalized by a notary public or judge.
- For the child leaving the country accompanied by both parents must be submitted marriage document or birth certificate.
- For domestic flights authorization detailed above is not required.


The transportation of pets, both for domestic animals and wild animals, demands a series of proceedings which have to do with necessary documentation, the fitting-out for the trip and the requisites for the entry to the destination where is travelling.

Required documentation
 When carrying your dog or cat in national flights,  you need to show the following documentation:
- Certificate of the veterinary of good health and anti rabies one, issued with no more than a week in advance from the departing date.
- certificates of vaccination.

If you wish to transport another kind of pet, you may contact :
Jet Paq – Business Representations Opening Hours: from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Telephone Numbers: 4130-4000/4312/4313/4437

Aerolíneas Argentinas does not admit pets into the cabin. The only exception is for guide dogs, which are allowed to travel free of charge. The animal will have to be equipped with the adequate muzzle and harness and will not be able to occupy a seat.

Passengers which wish to travel with their pets will have to dispatch them as accompanied baggage, subject to availability in the hold and under the conditions which are described in this section. We remind you that the booking of the place in the hold must be accomplished up to 24 hours before departure of the flight.

If the pet travels alone (without the passenger, as not accompanied baggage), it will be dispatched as cargo, fulfilling with the same conditions, but channelling all through the section CARGO