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Baggage information

Hold Baggage
The permitted luggage weight (not including hand luggage) varies according to the type of passenger.

Passenger Category Weight Permitted (kg)
Economy Class 20
Business Class 30
Miles & More Frequent Traveler Member 40
Miles & More Senator Member 40
Miles & More HON Circle Member 40
Children – half-price (2 to 11 years old) 20
Babies – 10% price (< 2 years old) 10
It should be noted, however, that the maximum weight limit per item of luggage is 32 kg.

Hand luggage
In order to ensure a maximum level of comfort on board your flight, each Luxair passenger may take on board:

•1 piece of hand luggage not greater than 55 x 35 x 16 cm and 7 kg in Economy Class
•2 pieces of hand luggage no greater than 55 x 35 x 16 cm and 7 kg in Business Class
Please remember that light luggage can be handled far more easily. This is a real plus in some airports where you may have to walk quite a lot.


European ruling concerning restrictions on liquids

The European directive which limits the quantity of liquids in hand luggage came into force on 6th November 2006 and applies to all flights departing from an airport in the European Union, regardless of the destination and the nationality of the aircraft carrier.


Bulky hand luggage

Would you like to carry bulky luggage (e.g. musical instruments, cello,…) or fragile luggage on board which may block or take up an extra seat? Whether or not you need to take up the seat, you must pay the price of an extra ticket minus air taxes.

Would you like to reserve an extra seat for your own personal comfort? The price for an extra seat will be the price of a ticket for an adult minus air taxes. For an extra child’s seat, the price will be the price of a ticket for a child minus air taxes.


Outsize hold luggage

Golf equipment
On Luxair flights :

Passenger business : allowance of 30kg + free golf equipment up to 20kg

Passenger Economy : 35€ per golf equipment (one way) until 20 kg

Exception: Status members (FTL/SEN/HON) : 1 piece of golf luggage (up to 20kg) free. Additionnal weight will be charged at the excess baggage rate of 10€ per kg.


On LuxairTours flights, all passengers may check-in one item of golf luggage up to 15kg free of charge (one golf bag and a pair of shoes).

Diving equipment
Luxair flights :

35 EUR per diving equipment (one way) until 15KG


LuxairTours flights: A set of scuba diving equipment weighing up to 30 kg can be carried free of charge on all LuxairTours flights. A set of this kind consists of:

•a wetsuit
•a pressure regulator
•a harness for attaching a bottle
•two flippers
•a stabilising jacket
•a lead-free belt
•a pressure gauge
•a mask
•a snorkel

If this permitted limit is exceeded, any excess will be charged at a rate of €10/kg.

Luxair Flights :

70 € per board (oneway) until 30 kg


LuxairTours flights: Regardless of your destination, the charge for carriage of a surfboard up to 30 kg is € 75 per return journey. If this permitted limit is exceeded, any excess will be charged at a rate of €10/kg.

Important: LuxairTours reserves the right to unload or to refuse to carry a surfboard should there be insufficient room or excess weight on board the flight. Should this occur any excess baggage fees paid will be completely reimbursed.

Luxair flights :

70 € per bike (oneway) until 30 kg


LuxairTours package holidays: 50 € per bike (return flight), LuxairTours flight only: 25 € per bike (return flight).
Free allowance up to 30 kg

In both cases, a separate “bicycle carriage” voucher will be issued with the travel documents. If this permitted limit is exceeded, any excess will be charged at a rate of €10/kg.


Check-in for group luggage

Are you travelling in a group? Each member of the group will have to check in their luggage separately. The weight will be calculated per person according to the regulations referred to under baggage allowance.

Only members of a family will be able to check-in their luggage together. It should be noted, however, that the maximum weight limit per item of luggage is still 32 kg.

Delayed Baggage

Your luggage has been lost, delayed, mishandled or damaged… We apologize for this inconvenience. Please do not hesitate to contact the following Luxair staff who will do their best to help you out.

Luxair Baggage Assistance department :
Telephone : +352 2456 5003
Fax : +352 2456 5022
E-mail : baggage.claim@luxair.lu

Another option in obtaining the most current information regarding your mishandled baggage is the Luxair WorldTrace service. It gives you the power to track the progress of your own mishandling report from home, office, or hotel room via the Internet 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

This access page will require that you enter your WorldTracer File Reference number and Last Name. This entry will produce information regarding the status of your luggage.


Children information

Primo Kid
The Luxair special fare for little travellers

With Primo Kid from €69 return including all taxes, your children will spend time with you to discover or rediscover the most beautiful cities in Europe as a family.

Moreover, Luxair includes free of charge in its Primo Kid offer a tasty catering service especially suited to our young travellers aged between 2 and 11. Don’t forget to request it when making your reservation.

And to keep your children busy during the flight, we will provide them with some entertainment.

Primo Kid, the special fare for little travellers that keeps the whole family happy.


Fare PRIMO Kid subject to conditions and availability, valid for all children aged 2 to 11 (inclusive), accompanied by one person who has reserved a PRIMO fare (one adult can be accompanied by several children). Return journey in economy class. Price example for a roundtrip ticket from Luxembourg, booked on www.luxair.lu (on board catering, baggage allowance, all taxes and service fee included). Price differences are possible for bookings at travel agencies or at Luxair Call Center +35224564242.


Carriage of animals
Do you wish to travel with an animal? This is possible on Luxair flights except for the destination of LONDON CITY and is subject to certain conditions.



Pets in cabin:

For animals < 8 kg: 70 EUR one way (guide dogs and assistance dogs are carried free of charge)

Pets in hold:

For animals > 8 kg: 100 EUR one way (guide dogs and assistance dogs are carried free of charge)



Pets in cabin : For animals < 8 kg: baggage fee: 25 € one way (guide dogs and assistance dogs are carried free of charge)

Pets in hold : For animals > 8 kg: baggage fee: 40 € one way (guide dogs and assistance dogs are carried free of charge)


•It is essential that your animal has an EU passport for animals.
•The number of animals allowed per flight is limited. Please remember to state that your animal will be travelling with you when making your ticket reservation.
•If your animal is carried in the passenger cabin in a cage, the measurements of this must not exceed 45x35x17 cm.
•Dogs, cats and birds travelling from or destined for travel to Great Britain must be declared as cargo.