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Reservations from the USA: +1-800-645-3880 (*Text telephone for hearing impaired (TTY): +1-866-846-4283)

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Baggage information

Free baggage allowance
According to the “Weight Concept'  free baggage allowance is defined by total weight of your baggage, rather than by the number of bags.

* First Class: 40 kg (88lb) - plus 1 ski bag and plus 1 golf bag
on flights operated by Lufthansa and Swiss International Airlines
* Business Class: 30 kg (66lb) - plus 1 ski bag
on flights operated by Lufthansa and Swiss International Airlines
* Economy Class: 20 kg (44lb) - plus 1 ski bag
on flights operated by Lufthansa and Swiss International Airlines

Free baggage allowance on long-haul flights for tickets issued from 01.01.2010
According to the Piece Concept  Economy Class passengers travelling between Europe and the USA, Canada and Mexico are allowed to check in one piece of luggage and one ski equipment in addition to their hand luggage free of charge.
In First and Business Class and other regions, up to two pieces of luggage can be checked in free of charge.
The permitted size including the total of the height, width and length, may not exceed 158cm.

Carry-on baggage

First class and Business Class – two pieces of hand baggage on board. In certain cases you might be asked to check in your second piece of hand baggage:
• Flights with small aircraft, mainly on regional routes (Lufthansa Regional Partner)
• In countries with restrictive government regulations (such as United Kingdom, Italy and the USA)

Economy Class - one piece of hand baggage. You should check for country-specific differences.
Each piece of hand baggage may not be larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm and up to 8 kg. Counted as carry-on pieces are foldable garment bags up to a size of 57 x 54 x 15 cm. Pieces of baggage exceeding these limits have to be checked in and transported in the cargo hold.

Items you can take in your hand luggage
- Liquid and gel-based products up to 100 ml. They must be carried in a transparent resealable plastic bag (called "zip-lock") with a maximum capacity of one litre. The bag must be presented separately at the security check. And only one bag per person is permitted.
Medication and baby food which are needed during a flight may be transported outside the plastic zip-lock bag.
- Technical appliances as MP-3 player, a portable CD player, a laptop or mobile phone. They may not be used during the flight because they may interfere with the electronic aviation systems.

Additional items which are allowed in the cabin
• A handbag, wrist bag or small bag (or small laptop bag) and their content
• A coat, shawl or blanket
• A small camera or a pair of binoculars
• An appropriate amount of reading material for the journey
• A infant carrier and baby food for the flight
• Crutches or other orthopedic aids you are depending on

It is not allowed to take in the cabin
• Fake weapons and items that may be used as weapons which can discharge a projectile
• False weapons
• Pointed and sharp items (e.g. scissors, pocket knives)
• Blunt items (e.g. baseball bat)
• All other dangerous items

Children information

Traveling with baby and small children

• With Lufthansa, families with children are given a priority when boarding.
• When booking your flight you need to inform the staff or the travel agent that you will be travelling with a baby.
• On long haul flight you can use the seats with baby beds. Beware that there is only a limited number.
• Lufthansa carries baby food on all its flights. It is possible to warm the baby's bottle, and glasses, too.
• There are changing tables in the washrooms on board
• There is no special safety measures  for children weighing more than 18 kg, except that you make sure they are strapped in.
• You can select funny cartoons and animation programmes for your child from  varied entertainment programmes,
• In First and Business Class, children are given an amenity kit with all kinds of nice surprises


If you like to take your pets, you need to notify Lufthansa when you make your booking. Timely reservation is necessary.

Pets in passengers cabin

You may take a small dog or cat into the cabin if the weight of the animal (including transport container) does not exceed eight kilograms and the box size is not more than 55 x 40 x 20 cm. If you use your own transport box, it must have the necessary measurement, watertight and bite proof. Lufthansa offers you a "Pet Box" for most stations at the check-in counters free of charge.

Pets in cargo hold

Larger animals will be transported by Lufthansa in appropriate containers in an air-conditioned area of the cargo hold. If you like to use your own container for your animal it should comply with International Air Transport Association regulations. The container must be large enough to ensure that the animal can stand up and has sufficient space to move.