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Baggage information

Free baggage allowance

On short-haul and medium-haul flights the maximum free baggage allowance for checked baggage is 20 kg per passenger. On long-haul flights the free baggage allowance is also 20 kg (business class 30 kg), unless special regulations apply. These free baggage allowances also apply to children and infants. We advise passengers not to check in any individual items of baggage weighing more than 32 kg.

If you have a topbonus Card Silver/Gold or a topbonus Service Card , your free baggage allowance is 30 kg (piece concept excepted) and you can also take sports baggage weighing up to 32 kg with you without any additional charge. We will also carry one item of sports baggage up to 32 kg without any additional charge for Airberlin business class passengers. Further information about the carriage of sports baggage.


Cabin baggage

For reasons of safety as well as convenience, each passenger is only allowed to take one item of cabin baggage into the cabin. Cabin baggage must not weigh more than 6 kg (8 kg incl. laptop) and the dimensions must not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Passengers in Airberlin’s business class may take a second item of cabin baggage weighing up to 6 kg on board (except on flights to / from the USA and Canada: one item of hand luggage).

We recommend that passengers carry valuables, medication, perishable or fragile items in their cabin baggage. The information concerning limitation of liability as detailed in the booking confirmation also applies.

Prohibited articles
As a rule, the following articles are not permitted on board:

1. Articles that could put the aircraft, onboard equipment or persons at risk, in particular:

•compressed gases,
•oxidising, radioactive, caustic and corrosive or magnetising substances,
•flammable substances,
•toxic or aggressive substances,
•any kinds of liquid, i.e. articles or substances that are classified as dangerous goods in accordance with the dangerous goods regulations.

2. Articles that are unsuitable for carriage on account of their weight, size or nature.


Passengers may not carry the following items in their cabin baggage or on their person:

•Weapons of any kind, in particular firearms, as well as blunt or pointed/edged weapons
•Ammunition and explosive substances of any kind
•Sharp objects, e.g. knives, scissors, ski poles and walking sticks
•Blunt instruments that can cause injury, e.g. golf clubs and snooker cues
•Lighters filled with lighter fluid (Zippos)

The following articles may only be carried in checked baggage:

•Razor blades
•Toy guns and commercially available toys that could be used as a weapon
•Sports rackets and other sports and leisure equipment that could be used as a weapon
•Knitting needles
•Any other sharp objects, such as knives, scissors, tail combs and syringes (except for certified medical purposes)

The following items may only be carried in hand baggage:

•Individual (rechargeable) lithium batteries with a rating of over 100 Wh to 160 Wh as spare cells for electronic devices, e.g. laptops, mobile phones, watches and cameras; maximum quantity: 2

The list of prohibited articles is not final and can be added to at any time. Additional regulations may apply to certain flights. Furthermore national regulations, as well as the IATA dangerous goods regulations must be complied with. The airline can provide a copy of these regulations on request.


Excess baggage

The carriage of baggage that exceeds the applicable free baggage allowance in terms of weight is subject to a charge. Please refer to the summary below for details.

Please note that for security and health and safety reasons a weight limit of 32 kg applies to items of baggage on flights to and from Great Britain, to and from Dubai and to and from South Africa regardless of how much free baggage is permitted. On flights to/from Bangkok the dimensions and weight of checked bags must not exceed 1 m x 4 m x 1 m and 50 kg respectively.

Payment of excess baggage charges in USD is possible only in the U.S./Canada. Excess baggage of more than 10 kg must be registered via the Air Berlin Service-Centre.


Sports and special baggage

In addition to the free baggage allowance detailed in the booking confirmation, sports baggage up to 32 kg, as detailed below, may also be carried at the rates shown (separate item of baggage). Any weight exceeding this limit will be subject to an excess baggage charge.

We will also carry one item of sports baggage up to 32 kg without any additional charge for Airberlin business class passengers, as well as for holders of a topbonus Card Silver/Gold or a topbonus Service Card.

Bookings for sports and special baggage can be made while making the online booking or subsequently up to 48 hours before departure under Optional Extras (provided the reservation has been booked via airberlin.com) or via the Air Berlin Service-Centre. There you will also receive information about transporting musical instruments, oversized baggage, breakable baggage, etc.


Children information

Free seat reservation for families with infants

The seat reservation for families with children under 2 years of age is free of charge. Please reserve up to 48 hours before departure by calling the Air Berlin Service Centre.


Baggage service for children

On our flights children under 2 years of age also have a free baggage allowance of 20 kg. Buggies/Pushchairs, child car seats and cribs/travel cots are of course carried by us free of charge.


Unaccompanied minors

Children aged five years or more may travel unaccompanied on Airberlin. Our flight attendants will take special care of our young passengers. Unaccompanied minors between 5 and 11 years old must be booked in as such via the Service Centre. A handling fee of 40 EUR per flight applies to the carriage of unaccompanied minors on short-haul and medium-haul flights. The fee charged for long-haul flights is 80 EUR per flight.


Important - please note:

Some countries have special entry and exit regulations for children travelling on their own and for children accompanied by someone other than their parents. For more information please contact the embassies and consulates of the relevant countries!


Onboard service for children

To ensure that our youngest passengers are looked after properly, we provide cots free of charge in the first row on flights of 90 minutes or longer (for infants up to 12 months old, subject to availability). You will also receive a bag with a nappy, baby bottle and a bib. We are also happy to warm up baby food during the flight. Please register your request for a baby bed at the Service Centre up to 3 days before departure.

Air Berlin offers to the young passengers interesting toys depending on the season. Whether it’s colouring books, flight certificates, comics or Airberlin caps – we always have a surprise up our sleeve. On long-haul flights, kids can expect their own audio program and cartoons.

On long-haul flights you also have the option, free of charge, of pre-ordering special children’s menus for children from the age of two.


Your own child seat on board

Passengers travelling with children may use their own child safety restraint systems on board airberlin flights, provided that the restraint systems are certified and marked as such. The following child seats are suitable:

•Child seats that have been approved by a member state of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or Transport Canada for exclusive use in aircraft and are marked accordingly or
•that are approved in accordance with safety standard ECE-R44/03 or a later version for use in motor vehicles or
•that are approved in accordance with Canadian standard 213/213.1 for use in motor vehicles and aircraft or
•that are approved in accordance with US standard FMVSS no. 213 for use in motor vehicles and aircraft and that carry a sticker with the following statement in red:
The child restraint systems must be approved for being secured by means of a two-point (lap) belt, as they are fixed using the seat belt attached to the aircraft seat and must remain in this position throughout the flight (including during takeoff and landing).

Please note that some aircraft in our fleet are not allowed to be used with safety restraint systems. Further information will be provided during the booking procedure or can be obtained from the Service Centre.

Since infants (i.e. children under 2 years of age) are not entitled to a seat, an extra seat must be booked if an infant is to be carried in a child seat. In this event the passenger is charged the fare for a child under 12 years of age. Please contact the Service Centre at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight to reserve this extra seat.


Child discounts


•under the age of two (infants) pay 10 % of the regular net fare / inside Germany free of charge
•under the age of twelve pay 67 % of the regular net fare (excl. air safety costs, foreign taxes/charges, fuel surcharge and service charge)

The age of children on the date of the return flight is the one used. Please note that infants (children under two years old) have no seat entitlement. Only one infant is permitted per adult. For babies up to 12 months of age, an infant cot can be reserved free of charge (depending on availability; exception: flights under 90 minutes). Only one baby is permitted per row of seats.

Please note that children have to be identified at the check-in desk just like adults (e.g. own passport, on parents’ passport).

For safety reasons infants who celebrate their 2nd birthday between the outward and return flights may only use a seat of their own on the outward flight with a suitable and approved child seat.


Expectant mothers

Expectant mothers are carried up to 4 weeks before the expected delivery date. The return flight also has to be completed before this date. As proof that the 36th week of pregnancy has not been exceeded, the presentation of pregnancy records or a medical certificate may be required.


Carriage of pets

Pets can be carried either in the cabin or in the hold, depending on the animal's weight and size. Pets must be carried in an enclosed container that is leak-proof and escape-proof. They must have enough space to be able to stand in their normal position. They must also have space to lie down. The pet carrier must be provided by the passenger. For pet carriage charges, please refer to the details below.

If you want to travel with your pet, you can book this while making the online booking or subsequently up to 48 hours prior to departure via Optional extras (provided the booking was made via airberlin.com) or at the Air Berlin Service-Centre. As space is limited, please contact our Service-Centre before booking to find out whether there is still enough room on your preferred flight for pets to be carried in the hold.

Blind passengers can of course take their guide dog into the cabin free of charge.

Special regulations apply to rodents. The airline does not carry reptiles of any kind. If you have any further queries, please contact the Air Berlin Service-Centre.


Pets weighing up to 6 kg

You can take dogs and cats with you into the cabin if they are in a suitable pet carrier (max. measurements 55 x 40 x 20 cm, adequate ventilation) that weighs no more than 6 kg with contents. The animal’s head is not allowed to protrude from the pet carrier nor is the animal permitted to leave the carrier at any time during the flight. On no account are passengers allowed to place the pet carrier on a seat, not even if an additional seat has been purchased.


Pets weighing more than 6 kg

Pets weighing more than 6 kg including the pet carrier are transported in the hold. They must also be in a suitable pet carrier. Please note that all carriers used to transport animals in the hold must have a water/feed container that can be filled from outside. The water/feed container must not be filled during the flight.