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Baggage information

Luggage allowance
Each passenger is entitled to check-in free of charge 25 kilos for domestic flights and 2 pieces weighing a maximum of 32 kilos each for international ones. This policy applies to minors but not to infants.

What is considered carry-on?
Carry-on includes personal items that can be brought onboard free of charge under full time custody of the passenger. These items may include a laptop computer, briefcase or purse, not exceeding dimensions of 22x38x65 cms and weighing less than 10 kilos.

Can I carry a stroller or baby chair onboard?
Due to limited space, these items are not allowed as carry-on. They can however be taken all the way to the airplane’s door and checked-in there. Upon arrival they will be delivered as you deplane.

Children information

Do I have to pay for an infant passenger?

No, infants under the age of 2 are allowed free of charge without occupying a seat, except for payment of an infant ticket fee of 250 pesos plus VAT. An infant occupying a seat will be charged the applicable fare for the particular flight. A second infant flying with a single adult passenger will be charged similarly. Infants under 7 days are not allowed.

What are the requirements to transport an unaccompanied minor?
From the age of 5 years until 11 years and 11 months, minors can travel unaccompanied, as long as their parent or tutor signs the appropriate authorization release. Youngsters between the ages of 12 and 18 will be considered unaccompanied minors only at the request of their parent or tutor.


Pets can be transported in specially designed containers for dogs, cats and domesticated birds having their corresponding vaccination and certificates. Only guide dogs are allowed alongside passengers, all other pets are forbidden in the main passenger cabin.